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Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe
October 11, 2018
Author: Adelle Belnap

This Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe is perfect for enjoying some Disney magic at home!

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Toppins

I just got back from a visit to Disneyland. My family and I were able to see all of the fun Halloween Time decorations and sample some of the food that is out for the seasonal event. On one of the days we were at Disneyland, my husband had his birthday! Can you think of anything better than a birthday at Disneyland? It was so magical.

We searched around for the perfect birthday treat and found it tucked inside the doors of the Golden Horseshoe. If you haven't visited the Golden Horseshoe before, then you need to check it out. It is an old west themed venue in Frontierland across from Mark Twain's River Boat. They have shows throughout the day that are a combination of melodrama and a little bit of improv. The piano player is always incredible, and the jokes are slap stick silly, but everyone laughs anyway, because it is Disneyland! 

A word of warning, if you aren't big on being put in the spotlight, don't sit in the first few rows of tables...they do call people up from the audience to help with minor roles in the productions. It is pretty fun, but not for the faint at heart.

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Halloween Menu

The restaurant serves chicken strips, French fries, and other theme park eats. The menu also offers my children's favorite; root beer floats! For Halloween Time, they created a cookie butter Churro Sundae that will knock your socks off. Disneyland Churros are already world famous, but pair them with cookie dough ice cream and cookie butter and it is like a dream come true. We picked the Disneyland Churro Sundae as my husband's special birthday dessert!

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Disneyland Party

We sang a little happy birthday song and enjoyed the Halloween Time cookie butter Churro Sundae and root beer floats. Churros and ice cream is much better than cake and ice cream. I think it should be the new birthday tradition.

Since we can't always be at Disneyland on our birthday, I put together a recipe so you can make your own cookie butter Churro Sundae at home. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Golden Horseshoe

Copycat Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe

Disneyland Churro Sundae Ingredients:
Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Whipping Cream
Cookie Butter (recipe below)
Cookie Butter Ingredients:
2/3 Package of Speculoos Biscuits
2 T Brown Sugar
8 T Evaporated Milk
2 T Salted Butter
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon

This was my first time making cookie butter. Have you tried it before? I have seen cookie butter on the shelves at Trader Joe’s and thought that it would be pretty tasty. But, I haven't ever tossed it into my cart. Now, I won't need to, and neither will you. Because, you can make your own and it is delicious.

Toss about 2/3 (or about 150 g) of the Speculoos cookies into the blender. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Cookies

I found the Speculoos cookies at the regular grocery store next to the ginger snap cookies. I actually recommend trying all sorts of cookie flavors for this recipe if you want to have some fun. Nilla Wafters, Gingersnaps, or even Teddy Grahams would be a yummy twist. Don't choose anything with frosting (like Oreos.) That would mess up the consistency. Sorry Oreo fans!

Add the brown sugar to the blender and then turn on the blades to chop the cookies and combine the sugar. You will get a fine sweet-smelling cookie powder.

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Sugar

Measure in the evaporated milk and butter. The butter doesn't have to be melted. Just throw it in as a block. The blender will break it down sufficiently. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Cinnamon

Then pour in the lemon juice and sprinkle the cinnamon on top. Blend again! 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Blend

The result is a caramel-like substance. It is dark golden brown, and it should be kind of thick. I actually didn't know what the topping was when I got it on our Disneyland Churro Sundae. I just knew I liked it!

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Cookie Butter Jar

Drizzle the cookie butter on the sides of your serving cup and then make a sweet puddle at the bottom. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Cookie Butter Drizzle

Scoop the cookie dough ice cream into the cup. Cookie dough ice cream is one of my favorites!

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Ice Cream

Swirl a mound of whipping cream on top. I like to make my whipping cream from scratch with whole cream, sugar, and vanilla. It just makes the entire sundae rich and creamy. But, the spray can cream is totally great too! It is the most fun to use. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Whipped Cream

Now, for the churro portion of this event. Obviously, the best churros come from the Happiest Place on Earth. But, there are other options that are a bit closer to home. The first and best option is to make your own homemade churros. What?! That is right. You can make your own and they are easier than you might think. We have a recipe and tutorial for you to follow. 

If you don't want to make your own, then you can buy them at Del Taco or at Costco! They are only a dollar each at both locations. So, go ahead and stock up. 

Break the churro in half and stick it into the top of the churro sundae. That is really the icing on the cake. Or, eh, the churro on the sundae if you are going with the new birthday tradition!

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Churro

To finish with flourish, add a drizzle of cookie butter to the top of the cream. Use the churro as a spoon or a straw! Make sure to get a nice mix of all the flavors in every bite. 

Disneyland Churro Sundae Recipe Spoon

I hope you have fun with this delicious dessert. Remember to swing by the Golden Horseshoe next time you are strolling through Frontierland for your Disneyland Churro Sundae. It is the perfect place to find entertainment while you cool off with an ice cream treat. 

The Disneyland Churro Sundae is only guaranteed through Halloween Time, which ends on October 31st at the Disneyland Resort. The great news is that we still have availability for those wanting to visit during this spooky – and tasty! – time. If this year is too soon, then start planning for next year with our 2019 layaway plans. While the Disneyland Churro Sundae isn’t guaranteed for next year, it’s been so popular that we have a feeling it may return. You can book any of our affordable Disneyland packages online or give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY.

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