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Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost
September 13, 2018
Author: Adelle Belnap

This Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost tutorial is so easy...it's spooky! Make your own copycat Mickey Ghost just like at Disneyland to hang in your own home during Halloween time.

Halloween Time at Disneyland is full of ghostly fun. The not-so-spooky decor screams Halloween without making you actually scream! It is perfect for kids. My favorite is all of the Mickey pumpkins. Mickey Mouse is cute as a caramel apple, an ice cream treat, a balloon and even as a ghost! You can't really go wrong with those big ears and happy smile. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Tutorial

You can make your own Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost with this easy tutorial. With just a few supplies, your house can glow with Mickey's happy spirit during the whole Halloween season. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost with Boy

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Supplies:

White Paper Lantern
Small Battery-Operated Light
44 inches Sheer White Fabric
2 Six-Inch Styrofoam Circles
Fast Drying Glue (Not Hot)
Black Vinyl 
6-8 straight pins

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Instructions:

Gathering these supplies is simple. You can find them all at Walmart, though I am sure other stores carry them as well. The paper lanterns are sold in the party supplies section. Mine was a 10-inch lantern. I found white head lamps in the camping section that were only a dollar! Total score. And they came with batteries included. I grabbed a few in case I needed to replace it. But, so far, the light has been great. Sheer fabric is in the fabric section. The Styrofoam circles are with the craft supplies. Black vinyl is sold by the roll near the Cricut supplies. I used E6000 glue. It is really great for crafts. It is sold by the hot glue guns in the craft section. Hopefully those instructions on where I found things makes the gathering supplies portion easy. 

Start by cutting the straps off of the headlamps. Take the lantern out of the packaging and tie the headlamp light onto the top part of the wire lantern frame. I used a strand of thick string. If you want the Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost to really shine, you can use two lights. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Light

The light is going to hang down from the metal frame and illuminate the inside of the lantern. 

Next, stretch the paper part of the lantern over the metal frame to make it into a ball. Just be careful to stretch the paper slowly so it doesn't rip.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Lantern

Set the lantern aside for a moment while you get the Mickey ears ready. Slice the side of each of the Styrofoam circles off with a serrated knife. I just estimated on the angle of the cut. You want them to lay flat onto the circle part of the lantern.

Cut one, and then use that ear as a template for the second one, so they end up the same!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Foam

Pull out your trusty E6000 glue. You cannot use hot glue for this project, because it will melt the paper lantern and the foam. Other types of "super glue" would be ok, though. Put a good amount of glue on the cut edge of the foam ear and then stick it onto the lantern. Position it near the top where a Mickey Mouse ear would naturally go. 

You have to hold the ear in place for a little while to let the glue set. I watched part of a movie to pass the time. If you feel like the ear needs a little reinforcement, add a line of glue around the outside edges. Let it dry. 

Repeat the process with the second ear. Watch more of your movie. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Foam Ears

When the ears are set up and solid, you can move on to the next step. The fabric should be about 40-46 inches long. If you have frayed edges, you can cut it with a pinking shears blade. This helps prevent fraying. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Cut

Find the center of the fabric and mark it with a pin. Drape the fabric over the lantern. Make sure the center is right over the top center of the lantern. Make a little hole in the fabric and pull the lantern string through the hole. 

You may want to pin the fabric into place around the ears to give the Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost a little bit more shape. I gathered the fabric in little pleats and then used a long straight pin to hold it into place. The pin will stick right into the Styrofoam ears. It does not stick into the lantern. 

Just work the fabric until you have it how you want it. I ended up using six straight pins. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Pinned Ear

The final step is to add the cute Mickey face. You can download the pattern for the face here. I drew the shapes for mine, so if you want to get artsy, go ahead and make your own! Otherwise, you can use the template (download here). 

Trace the face shapes onto the back side of the black vinyl.

Cut the shapes out.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Vinyl Face

Then, peel the back side of the vinyl off. It will be sticky. Press the shapes onto the fabric where the Mickey Mouse face should be. You have to press it and secure it into place pretty aggressively, or the stickers fall off. Just be careful not to smash the lantern. 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Peeling Sticker

Your cute Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost is ready to haunt your house!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Finished

Reach your hand up inside the bottom of the lantern to turn on and off the headlamp(s). 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost Lit Up at Night

I hope you have fun making your own copycat Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost. If I had to pick a spirit to haunt my house, I think Mickey would be at the top of my list. If you happen to be heading to Disneyland during Halloween Time, make sure to watch for all of the cute Mickey Mouse Halloween Ghost decorations, food and merchandise. It is so cute, you will just die!

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