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Disneyland Resort
Pre-Travel Checklist: One Week Before Your Disneyland Vacation
January 6, 2014
Author: Kimberly Fidler

Getting ready for your vacation is such an exciting time! No matter how long you've been awaiting your adventure, the week before is full of anticipation and preparations. We've compiled a checklist to make your vacation prep as seamless as possible:
  • Gather all of your travel documents and print any electronic vouchers. If it helps, you can keep everything in a binder with separators for each day’s activities.
  • Go to your bank or credit union and get dollar bills for tips (shuttle drivers, maids, bellhops, etc.). You can even use singles to reward your kids for good behavior on a road trip - then that's their spending money for your vacation!
  • While visiting your financial institution, let them know when your family is going out of town. That way you won't alert the fraud department with out-of-state purchases on your credit or debit card.
  • Start packing - it's not too early! Grab all of the things you'll need on vacation, but won't use before you go, like swimsuits, flip flops, a pair of PJs, etc. You can even start packing some outfits. Here's a link to a great tutorial on how to keep everything straight for everyone in your family: Traveling With Kids - Easy Packing Tip.
  • If you want to save on souvenirs on your trip, you can buy some ahead of time at the dollar store. Now is a good time to stock up. Here's a link to a blog: Disneyland Vacation Souvenir Surprises, showing you what you can get and how to make your souvenirs even more fun!
  • Call the post office and/or newspaper to hold your mail for your dates or ask a neighbor to collect your mail and paper while you're gone.
We hope these are helpful. If you have any other tips, we'd love to hear them! Leave your ideas in the comment section. Remember that Get Away Today has Customer Service available 365 days a year for those guests who are currently on vacation and those who are traveling within 72 hours at 855-GET-AWAY. We hope you have a truly magical vacation!

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I always leave a tip for housekeeping, those folks work very hard and are deserving!

Refilling and making sure you have packed adult or children medications; prescription or non prescription. Emergency phone numbers.

We do recommend tipping housekeeping. You can do it daily or at the end of your stay, however, we recommend leaving a few dollars each morning in case your housekeeper changes during your stay. Enjoy your stay at the Disneyland Hotel - it is magical!

Do I need to tip the maid? We're staying at the DL Hotel for the first time (6 nights).

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