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Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket Discounts and Info
August 17, 2016
Author: Kimberly Fidler


Find out about your options for Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts with Get Away Today. There are three ticket options, so choose the one that's best for you and save up to $40 per ticket.

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the hottest vacation destinations this year. With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that opened in April and AMC's The Walking Dead attraction that opened in July, it has been a big year for the park. But, just because the park had some big changes doesn't mean you have to pay big prices. We're breaking down the Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for each of our three ticket options. Check out the details and find out which ticket is best for your family:

Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for 1-day general admission:

How much you'll save: That depends on when you go. It's important to know that Universal Studios Hollywood changed their ticket pricing tier earlier this year. There are three pricing levels which are generally broken down into high travel times, normal travel times and slower travel times. This means you'll pay more during busy travel months and weekends. You'll save the most if you go on a weekday on a slower travel month. You can (and should) use our ticket calendar online to save anywhere from $9-$23 per ticket over gate prices depending on the dates you choose. Tickets start at $92 per adult and $86 per child to give you an idea on prices.

What the ticket includes: Your 1-day general admission includes access to all of the regularly scheduled shows and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood. This includes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Who wants this ticket: We recommend the 1-day general admission ticket for anyone who is looking for the most economical choice. It's especially great for anyone who is traveling during a slower travel time. But, keep in mind, if you're going during a busy travel time like summer or the holidays, the park has extended hours. You'll definitely want to get to the park as early as possible and stay as long as possible to make the most of your time at Universal Studios Hollywood regardless of when you visit.

Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for the Front of the Line:

How much you'll save: One thing that is unique about our Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discount for the Front of the Line option is that ours is NOT date sensitive. If you purchase your Front of the Line passes elsewhere, they are date sensitive and prices can be as high as $229 per person. Our Front of the Line tickets are always $189 – regardless of when you go. That can save you up to $40 per person! There are some blackout dates, so be sure to check those when booking. Our current blackout dates are: Nov. 25-26, 2016; Dec. 16-31, 2016; Jan. 1-7, 2017 and Feb 18-19, 2017. Also, keep in mind that adults and children pay the same price for Front of the Line access.

What the ticket includes: Your Front of the Line ticket includes general admission to all of the regularly scheduled shows and attractions at Universal, plus priority boarding and seating for each attraction and show once during your visit - including Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey! This is especially exciting for two reasons; one, lines can get long (obviously). And two, Front of the Line isn't available in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. We love a California exclusive. ;)

Who wants this ticket: This ticket is perfect for anyone who wants to see it all, especially if they don't have a lot of time or are visiting on a really busy day. You can get an idea of how busy the day that you'll be visiting will be by checking out our prices on our 1-day admission tickets. The higher the ticket cost, the higher the anticipated crowd levels.

Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for the VIP Experience:

How much you'll save: Like the 1-day general admission ticket, our VIP Experience ticket prices are based on travel date. You can save up to $40 per ticket depending on the date you choose. Our Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for the VIP Experience start at $359 per person. Travel during slower travel times and during the week for the lowest price. Like the Front of the Line tickets, adults and children pay the same price. Also, the VIP Experience doesn't allow children younger than five to participate.

What the ticket includes: This ticket is the creme de la creme of Universal Studios Hollywood tickets. It of course includes park admission, but you’ll be treated like a star with a semi private VIP tour of the Backlot. This tour allows you to get right up to and sometimes even into actual sets of your favorite shows and films. Your tour also includes access to areas that aren't included in regular admission, like the prop studio. Exact tours are never guaranteed because it is a working studio and you just never know who or what could be filming. It definitely adds to the excitement! You also have unlimited front of the line access to all attractions and preferred seating at all shows. You'll also get a continental breakfast and a gourmet lunch in the VIP Lounge.

Who wants this ticket: Everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone, but it really is incredible. We understand that this is a splurge and it is perfect if you are celebrating a special occasion or are a huge movie fan. It's also great for anyone who is traveling a long distance and may never get back to Universal Studios Hollywood. It is so special that it really feels like a once in a lifetime experience.

I hope this helps break down each of the Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts for you and can help decide which is best for your trip! If you're looking to save even more, you can combine our ticket offers with our discount hotel offers. You can save the most by making Anaheim your vacation home base and take advantage of our 3rd or 4th night free offers, free breakfast and more. We also work with the Sheraton Universal Hotel located within walking distance to Universal Studios Hollywood and The Garland, just about a mile away. Both are great options if you're looking to stay as close to the park as possible.

You can book any of our Universal Studios Hollywood ticket discounts online or over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY. We'd love to help!

Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets

*All prices are valid at the time of publishing and are subject to change.


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