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Disneyland Resort
What advice can you give to someone afraid of riding Disneyland attractions?
September 15, 2023

Many people have a fear of roller coasters and other amusement park rides. If you’re planning a visit to the happiest place on earth but have anxiety about the rides, you may benefit from some advice. Read on for tips on dealing with your fear head-on.

Choose Milder Rides and Attractions

“If someone is afraid of riding attractions at Disneyland, here are a few tips to consider. Start by choosing milder rides or attractions that have a lower intensity level.

Take your time, and don't feel pressured to ride everything at once. Gradually build up your confidence by observing others enjoying the attractions. Consider riding with a friend or family member for support. Remember that Disneyland prioritizes safety, and ride operators are trained professionals.

Take deep breaths, relax, and focus on enjoying the overall experience rather than fixating on the fear. It's okay to skip rides that make you uncomfortable and explore other enjoyable aspects of the park.”

Oliver Scott

Marketing Head of Checkux.

Take it Slow First Before Trying Something More Thrilling

“When I first visited Disneyland Paris, I too was wary. Yet, I learned that taking it slow is the key to appreciating the park's beauty. Instead of dashing between rides, try immersing yourself in the atmosphere. Admire Sleeping Beauty Castle, soak up the lively music, and treat yourself to a Mickey-shaped pastry.

Fear can sometimes be our body's way of saying we're moving too fast. So, if you're anxious about rides, maybe it's time to slow down. It's alright to opt for gentler attractions, like 'It's a small world', before gradually trying something more thrilling.

Don’t forget that your Disney adventure is what you make of it - it's perfectly fine to enjoy at your own pace. Disneyland isn't a race, it's a magical journey.”

Tiffany McGee

Spirituality and Relationship Expert, Founder of Nomadrs.

Ride With A Trusted Companion, Focus On The Immersive Theming, And Develop A Mantra Or Affirmation

“Disneyland has long been associated with nonstop fun and exhilarating adventures thanks to its kaleidoscope of colors, upbeat music, and thrilling rides. However, the idea of completely immersing yourself in the Disneyland experience might seem like a daunting endeavor to people who have dread or anxiety surrounding the idea of riding these attractions.

Focus on the immersive theming Take in the narrative and theming of each attraction. Pay close attention to the minute elements, the music, and the visuals. You may change your emphasis from fear to the attraction's magic and let Disneyland's magic sweep you away by giving yourself over to the immersive experience.

Ride with a trusted companion Think about going on rides with a reliable friend who can support and encourage you throughout the experience and who is aware of your worries. Their presence may provide people with a sense of security and foster a cozy atmosphere. Together, sharing the thrill and overcoming anxieties can improve the whole experience.

Develop a mantra or affirmation Make up a mantra or affirmation that speaks to you personally and reinforces your capacity to face your concerns. To increase your self-assurance and mental toughness, repeat it to yourself both before and throughout the ride. Self-talk that is constructive can help you manage your anxiety and change your perspective.”

Rashid Khan

CEO and Founder of Dubai’s Best.

Be Braver Than The Kids and Don’t Overthink

“If you're afraid of Disneyland rides, let me tell you these rides are engineered for safety, constantly inspected, and well-maintained. The best way to overpower your fear of Disneyland rides is by saying to yourself, "Just Go!" You need to be braver than the kids, so don't overthink!

Parents, you might want to treat yourself to a keepsake from the Disney shop to celebrate your success if you overcome the nervousness and experience the attraction you were initially afraid to attempt. Going on a family vacation can be compared to your first time riding a frightful rollercoaster at a theme park.

Even though you know what is ahead and what the journey entails, you still have to give it a shot. You'll be astonished after overcoming your first apprehension, just like at attractions at amusement parks.”

Camille Sawyer


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What advice can you give to someone afraid of riding attractions at Disneyland? || Get Away Today

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