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How to Get Discount Universal Orlando Tickets
June 14, 2024

UPDATED JUNE 2024. Our Universal Orlando Ticket Guide breaks down the different types of tickets available at Universal Studios Orlando Resort and what each ticket type includes. This guide also covers ticket discounts, rules and anything else you’ll need to know before buying tickets. If you're planning a Universal Studios Orlando Resort vacation, read this first.

Universal Orlando Tickets 101

Universal Studios Orlando brings your favorite TV shows and movies to life through rides, shows and more. If you are at the very beginning stages of planning a Universal Orlando vacation, you’re in the right place. There are so many different ticket options, that it may be hard to know which one is best for you. That's where our Universal Orlando Ticket Guide comes in.

Universal Orlando Ticket Types

There are two main ticket types available for guests visiting Universal Studios Florida:

  • Base Tickets
  • Park to Park Tickets

Bonus ticket type:

Each ticket type has its own perks and offers different levels of flexibility. As the industry leader for discount Universal Orlando vacation packages, we’re here to break down what Universal Orlando ticket types are right for you and answer all of your questions.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort Base Tickets

The most entry-level ticket for Universal Orlando is a Base ticket. Our Universal Orlando Resort 3-Park Base Tickets allow you to experience:

This ticket includes admission to either Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal's Volcano Bay for two (2) to five (5) days total.

Please note that you cannot visit Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal's Volcano Bay on the same day with this ticket.

For example, if you have a 3-day, 3-Park Base ticket, you can choose to visit all three of the main theme parks listed above, exploring a different park each day. Just remember, once you enter a park for the day, you are unable to enter another theme park that same day with this ticket type.

No theme park reservations are required to visit any of the Universal Orlando theme parks at this time and tickets are date specific.

Pros and Cons of Universal Orlando Base Tickets

Base tickets are the most affordable Universal Studios Orlando tickets offered. If you are visiting Universal Florida for the first time or need to stick to a strict budget, a Base Ticket is a good place to start.

Many people find it a stress-free way to visit the theme parks because they know they are committed to one park each day of their trip. Families traveling with small kids may also feel like this ticket type works better for them.

We Recommend…

We recommend at least a 3-day Base Ticket so you can experience one day at Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal's Volcano Bay. You can also get a free express pass when you book your stay at a Universal Studios Orlando premier property.

Universal Studios Orlando Park-to-Park Tickets

If you're looking for a little more flexibility for your Universal Orlando vacation, consider the Park-to-Park Ticket. Like the Base ticket, a Universal Orlando Park-to-Park ticket is valid for admission to each Universal theme park:

However, the big difference is that you can visit more than one park each day.

For example, if you have a 3-day Park-to-Park ticket, you can start at any one of the theme parks listed above, then enjoy another park later in the day. This works especially well for navigating between Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure via Hogwarts™ Express.

You’ll need a Park-to-Park ticket to board Hogwarts™ Express and visit both lands of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. The train travels between Hogsmeade™ in Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley™ in Universal Studios Florida.

Pros and Cons of Park-to-Park Tickets

With the Park-to-Park ticket many people like to visit one theme park in the morning, spend the bulk of the day there, and then visit another theme park at night.

Park-to-Park tickets are an especially good idea if you are visiting during a time of year when exclusive events take place. For example, throughout the year Universal hosts events like Mardi Gras, Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Halloween Horror Nights (separately ticketed event).

Some events you’ll want to join in on and others that require a separate ticket for admission allow you to visit another open park in the evening if you don't have an event ticket.

We Recommend…

We recommend at least a 3-day Park-to-Park ticket so you can start your day at each of the main theme parks in the morning. With a little bit of planning, you can really maximize your park time by being at the park in the earliest hours of the morning, and then moving to the park with the latest hours at night. Park-to-Park tickets are best for people who want a little more flexibility or enjoy spending as much time at the parks as possible.

You can also get a free express pass when you book your stay at a Universal Studios Orlando premier property.

Universal Orlando Special Event Tickets

Universal Orlando Resort occasionally hosts events outside of regular theme park hours that require a separate ticket.

Seasonal events that require a special event ticket include:

  • Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida

Your regular theme park tickets will not work for entry into special ticketed events. For example, if you have a Base ticket and are visiting Universal Studios Florida on a day it is hosting Halloween Horror Nights, your regular admission ticket ends at regular park closing hours that day.

In order to stay for party hours, you will need to purchase a Halloween Horror Nights ticket. But if you have a Park-to-Park ticket you can visit another park during operational hours.

Universal Orlando Resort Ticket Rules

Now that we’ve gone over the different Universal Orlando ticket types, we're going to cover some of the rules that you need to be aware of that apply to all of the different Universal Orlando tickets.

  • Unlike other area theme parks, you do not need a theme park reservation to visit Universal Orlando.
  • Universal Orlando theme parks tickets are date specific.
  • All Universal Orlando tickets must be used by the same person. You may not resell or share tickets with another person.
  • Child ages forUniversal Orlando tickets are 3-9. If your children are 10 or older, they'll need an adult ticket. Kids ages two and under do not require a ticket or theme park reservation./li>
  • Express Pass can be added to your ticket on the day of your visit (subject to availability) or get a free express pass when you book your stay at a Universal Studios Orlando premier property.
  • Early Park Admission is available for Universal Orlando Resort Hotel guests. This 60-minute early admission happens at each Universal Orlando theme park and select attractions each morning.
  • All ticket types can be purchased in 2 to 5-day increments with Get Away Today.
  • Universal Orlando tickets refundable when you book with Get Away Today, making vacation planning worry-free. You can make any changes to your tickets before use. This includes modifying them to different dates and lengths, or even upgrading to Park-to-Park tickets.

Buying Your Universal Orlando Tickets

We hope this article helped you narrow down what is best for your Universal Orlando vacation. Since tickets are date specific, we recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as you know you’ll be going.

Whether you're looking for Universal Orlando tickets or the whole package, our team would love to help. You can purchase all of our Universal Orlando tickets at a discount online, or you can call our travel experts 855-GET-AWAY.

If you’re considering booking a Universal Orlando package, which we highly recommend for the most flexibility, you can call our office, or book online now. Our team would love to share our Universal Orlando expertise with you.

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