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  When is the soonest I can book my Disneyland vacation? If you're a planner when it comes to vacations, knowing the right time to book everything for Disneyland can be hard. We're here to help with a... Full Story
Wednesday Apr. 18, 2018 Read More
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  This free printable Pixar Would You Rather game is a fun way to get your family talking. There are 30 unique questions based on Pixar movie characters and story lines for you to answer and discuss as a group.... Full Story
Thursday Apr. 12, 2018 Read More
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  If you’re looking to honor Walt Disney on your next Disneyland vacation, there are so many things you can do! But, it may not be what you think. Read all about these eight Disney places that aren't... Full Story
Wednesday Apr. 04, 2018 Read More
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  If you’re asking yourself “How much should I budget for Disneyland?,” don’t fret! We’ve put together a list of all the things you’ll want to consider when planning your... Full Story
Wednesday Mar. 28, 2018 Read More
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  When does Star Wars Land open in Disneyland is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Get Away Today. While an official opening date hasn't been announced, we have a pretty good idea about... Full Story
Wednesday Mar. 21, 2018 Read More
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  Check out our list of fun facts about Star Wars and Disney, including things to find in the parks and more information on the future Star Wars Land.   On October 30, 2012, major excitement occurred in... Full Story
Wednesday Mar. 14, 2018 Read More
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Three Ways to Save on Disneyland Tickets

posted by Kimberly Fidler
  We are Disneyland vacation experts - and that includes knowing how to get the best deal. We've put together a video with three of our favorite ways to save on Disneyland tickets. Knowing how and... Full Story
Monday Feb. 19, 2018 Read More
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  In the future, 2018 may become known as the year of Pixar at the Disneyland Resort. With Pixar Fest kicking off resort wide on April 13, 2018 and Pixar Pier opening on June 23, 2018 at Disney California... Full Story
Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018 Read More
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  Today we are covering one of our most unpopular topics – the annual price increase at Disneyland. What do you need to know about the Disneyland ticket price increase? We'll cover when it happens,... Full Story
Monday Feb. 12, 2018 Read More
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  UPDATED FEBRUARY 2018. Pixar Pier vs Pixar Fest – What’s the Difference? We answer your questions about What, When, Where and More in this edition of #MovieMonday.   Photo Courtesy of... Full Story
Monday Jan. 22, 2018 Read More