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Lightsaber Disneyland Vacation Surprise
October 6, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

UPDATED MARCH 2019 I didn't think it was possible to make Disneyland more exciting than it already is, but, I was wrong! Disney recently announced a new limited time event for the park called Season of the Force that will begin November 16, 2015 and continue through Spring 2016. This event will add more action and adventure to the Disneyland lineup. The park has planned a bunch of new Star Wars themed entertainment. Guests will experience amazing new themed overlays to Space Mountain, meet and greets with characters from the new Star Wars films, and more. The popular Jedi Training Academy will be re-imagined to include characters from the new Star Wars Rebels series on Disney XD and, rumor has it, they introduce a new villain. How could anyone ever replace Darth Vader? We will have to see! You can find out more details about Season of the Force and what to expect here. And as if that wasn't enough, Star Wars Land Disneyland opens May 31, 2019! This will be Disney's largest single-theme expansion of the Resort in years.

With all these exciting attractions coming to the park, I thought you might like to surprise your own little Jedi Trainees with a trip to Disneyland... Star Wars style. You won't need the power of the Force to operate these Lightsabers. And, when your kids find out you are headed to Disneyland, you'll be the coolest parent in the Empire.


To start, print the lightsaber template onto heavy paper. There are three color choices for you to choose from: Green, Blue, or Pink. There is also a generic version you can use if you want to add your own personalized text to the light stick. (Blank Green, Blank Blue, or Blank Pink

Cut the pieces out.

Turn the light saber handle upside down and tape the Inside Tab strip onto it. Place the tab onto the top part of the handle. Leave the top and bottom open, without tape, so that the light stick can slide through it. Just tape the two sides down.

Then fold the sides in like a trifold.

Tape the top flap down with clear tape to hold it in place. Fold the bottom part of the light stick over along the line that says Fold Here.

You will need to fill in the space in the text that tells how many days it will be until your trip begins. Then, tuck the light stick into the handle. Make sure it slides under the Inside Tab. The tab will catch onto the folded end of the light stick when it's is extended, preventing the light stick from being pulled all the way out of the handle.

This is an example of what each color option looks like when finished.

When you give the Jedis their lightsaber trip announcements, make sure have your camera ready. There are certainly going to be some fantastic photograph opportunities!

The lightsaber is really easy to operate. Start with the light stick pushed into the handle.

Then pull the light stick up until the words appear! This is the exciting part.


Once the Disneyland Vacation has been announced, then allow time for a little bit of Jedi Training. Or, as we like to call it around these parts, acting silly! I'm not sure if Yoda would approve of their fighting skills, but judging by their smiles, I know Mickey would.

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