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Star Wars Halloween Handouts - Three Free Printables
October 22, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

UPDATED MARCH 2019 Star Wars is taking over the Galaxy right now!  An exciting final movie trailer for the upcoming The Force Awakens movie were released this week. Take a minute to watch. Chills are guaranteed to follow. The force is certainly alive and well. To celebrate, I put together three different Star Wars theme printables to be used for Halloween Trick-or-Treat goodies, but they're versatile enough to use for any Star Wars themed event, like the opening of Star Wars Land Disneyland May 31, 2019!

Glowing Light Sabers

Non-sugar Halloween treats are a growing trend. It is nice to have a sugar and allergy free treat for kids with health issues, or for families that want to go the healthy route during the holiday. Glow sticks are one of my favorite handouts because they are inexpensive and they glow! The extra light helps keep kids safe as they are marching through the neighborhoods gathering buckets of tasty treasures. These Star Wars Light Saber sticks are simple to construct and make a big bright statement in your Halloween bowl.

My favorite place to buy glow sticks is on Amazon. If you get them in bulk, the price per light stick is very minimal. I was impressed with the LumiStick brand. All of the glow sticks I cracked actually glowed. That doesn't always happen with lower quality brands.

Download the template here. Print the cards on cardstock so that the paper is sturdy.


Cut the cards out around the edges.

Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the cards.

Weave the glow stick through the hole punch so that the stick is hiding in the back.

You can hand you light sabers out already glowing, or let the kids crack their own!

Star Wars Candy Bar Wraps

My favorite candy to find in my kids' Halloween loot is definitely chocolate. I usually sneak a piece or two from each child. They never seem to mind sharing with their mom! Make your mini candy bars the coolest in the Galaxy with these easy Hershey's Miniatures Star Wars Wraps.

Download the template here. Print these on regular paper. There are 12 per page, so you will need to print multiple copies to cover all the chocolates in a bag.


The candy wrappers are designed to cover the Hershey's Miniatures candy bars. You can find them at any grocery store in the candy isle. Cut the wraps out.

Fold the paper around the candy bar. You can secure the wrap in place using tape or a glue stick. I did tape, because that is what was handy. The glue would be more discrete. But, considering my child customers, I didn't think they would mind!

I thought it was fun to use the Dark Chocolate candy bars inside the Darth Vader image that reads, "Come to the Dark Side." I think one of the Jedi Codes is to never pass up a play on words.

It's as simple as that.

Smarties Lightsabers

I think one of the most iconic items from the Star Wars Saga is the lightsaber. Every young Jedi dreams of having a lightsaber of their own. Make your own candy lightsabers with Smarties and this printable Light Saber Wrap template.

Download the template here.


Cut out each color strip.

Cut the wrap down to size to fit around the Smarties candy. Each strip will make five wraps. I designed them like this so you could use the wraps to cover other candy as well. They would work around long Tootsie Rolls or even a crayon if you want a non-candy prize!

Roll the Smarties treat into the Lightsaber Wrap.

Then tape it into place with clear tape.

These fun candy weapons won't last long at any party!

I hope you have fun with these Star Wars treat printables. May the Force be strong with you this Halloween season!
Get your fill of delicious Star Wars candy to prepare you for the event of the galaxy, Season of the Force! Coming to Disneyland November 16th from a galaxy far, far away, you can fly, meet and fight along side your favorite Star Wars characters. Learn about everything you can experience during this limited time event in our article, Season of the Force is Coming to Disneyland. Book your Star Wars filled Disneyland package online or call our jedi master travel agents at 855-GET-AWAY. 
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