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  Trying to figure out when to go to Disneyland in 2018? Look no further. Our video highlights everything happening at Disneyland in 2018, which will make planning a 2018 Disneyland trip a... Full Story
Tuesday Jan. 02, 2018 Read More
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2018 Guide to Disneyland

posted by Lex Tingey
  Big things are coming to Disneyland in 2018, making it one of the best times to visit the Disneyland Resort. What things? Read our 2018 Guide to Disneyland to find out. The Disneyland Resort is always... Full Story
Wednesday Dec. 27, 2017 Read More
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  We have everything you want to know about the Disneyland Pixar Fest, beginning April 13, 2018. From new shows to the return of your favorite parades, it’s an event you won’t want to... Full Story
Wednesday Nov. 01, 2017 Read More
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  The Disneyland Resort is changing, with new experiences and attractions being released each year. One such change is the new Pixar Pier at Disneyland, coming in 2018. Read everything we know about the new Pixar... Full Story
Wednesday Jul. 19, 2017 Read More
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  There are so many changes coming to Disneyland over the next few years and we couldn't be more excited! To help you keep track of them all, we've put together a timeline of when and what you can... Full Story
Tuesday Jul. 18, 2017 Read More