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Disney Vacation Countdown from Busy Mom's Helper
November 10, 2014
Author: Danielle Reeves

Hey y'all, I'm Danielle from Busy Mom's Helper, and I'm seriously thrilled to be sharing an amazing craft project with you today! My family and I are COMPLETE Disney-lovers, and pretty much begin planning our next vacation to the Magical Kingdom the second we get back from one. A bit nuts, yes, but totally fun! I decided to make an adorable DIY Disney Countdown so that we could reuse it for each of our Disney vacations....and it turned out fabulous!

 DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Craft

Our family is planning a big ALL FAMILY INCLUDED (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) Disneyland vacation next year, and to help us get ready I'm doing a Disney Vacation Countdown Series on my blog! The 3rd Thursday of every month leading up to the trip will be Disney Day, and I'll share all sorts of Disney-themed crafts, food, costumes, tips and advice, and more. So much fun, so be sure to check it out! One of the best things about it this DIY Disney Countdown? It's reusable, so we can pull it back out for our future Disney vacations, too! If a Disney vacation is in YOUR future (or you want it to be because, hey, who doesn't love Disney?) then you should definitely make this Disney Countdown to help you celebrate!

DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Craft

Isn't it awesome? I got the inspiration for the straw backgrounds from the talented ladies at My Sister's Suitcase. Their Halloween sign was just too cute! I'm a huge hoarder fan of paper straws, so it just seemed like the perfect background for our Disney Countdown!


  • 2 Frames (I did 8x10 and 5x7)
  • Paper Straws in color of choice (my 8x10 took 39, my 5x7 took 19)
  • 2 Clothes pins
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Count down pieces (paper, shapes, stickers, numbers, etc.)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Mickey shapes
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of Mickey shapes, if desired

DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Craft


  1. If you want your frames a different color than they are (like the red and black) paint them. Trim your straws to fit inside the frames. Then you can either hot glue the paper straws into place, or just be extra careful to trim them JUST RIGHT so they fit in snuggly. (I chose this since, as Sister's Suitcase pointed out, you can always take out the straws and reuse the frame for something else!)
    DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #CountdownDIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Countdown
  2. Gather your shapes for your countdown numbers. I cut my banner shapes out with my trusty Silhouette Cameo from black and yellow construction paper. I made sure the black shapes were larger than the yellow, since I wanted the 'border' look on my pieces. I then used my Silhouette to cut out red vinyl numbers for the countdown. (I also did the large banner and text for the 'Countdown to Disney' banner at the same time on yellow cardstock and red vinyl) Be sure to do 2 of each number, so you have enough pieces (for example, as I write this there's 22 days until we leave...it obviously wouldn't work with only one 2!). Place your vinyl/sticker onto the yellow shape, then use double-sided tape to secure the yellow onto the black.
    DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #CountdownDIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #CountdownDIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Countdown
  3. Place your title/heading stickers onto the yellow banner and hot glue onto the top corner of the frame (or wherever you'd like it! Also hot glue the 2 clothes pins onto the middle of your larger frame, to hold the countdown pieces.
  4. Print out these Mickey shapes, and cut out which ones you want to decorate your frames. I wanted my smaller frame to be totally Mickey, so used the two gloves, belly and two shoes! Hot glue the pieces into place.
  5. Hang up your frames, and start counting down to YOUR next magical trip at Disney!

Bonus....if you make sure to just put Countdown to DISNEY....you can use it for either DisneyLAND or DisneyWORLD! Woot Woot!

DIY Disney Countdown / by Busy Mom's Helper #Disney #Vacation #Craft  



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We are so thrilled to have Danielle sharing over here today on Packed with Fun, the official blog for Get Away Today! And of course, when you're ready to start your Disney vacation planning, be sure to check out our Disneyland packages online or call our Disney vacation experts at 855-GET-AWAY!

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