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Disneyland Resort
Everything You Need to Know About the Disneyland MaxPass
September 24, 2020
Author: Kimberly Fidler


We love Disneyland history and looking back at memories over the years. This article is no longer being updated, but is a great way to look back and see what was happening at Disneyland when this was originally published. You can read all about the new FastPass/MaxPass System, Genie+ here.

UPDATED December 6, 2021: As of December 8, 2021, Disney's MaxPass and FastPass service have been replaced by Disney Genie and Disney Genie+. To learn more about this new offering, check out our in-depth article by clicking HERE.. We have everything you need to know about the Disneyland MaxPass. We can hardly believe that it debuted in 2017, and it just keeps getting better. Find out what it is and how to use it on your Disneyland vacation.
The below information is correct through March 14, 2020. Disney has not confirmed whether or not MaxPass will be available when the Disneyland Resort reopens. We expect to learn more after an opening date is announced and will update the below article accordingly at that time.

Disneyland MaxPass Header

We’ve gathered all available details about the Disneyland MaxPass for you. Keep checking back as we are continually making updates to this article as we learn more about the ins and outs of using MaxPass.

Everything You Need to Know About the Disneyland MaxPass

Disney's MaxPass service has been immensely popular since its debut in summer 2017 and since that time, there have been a few updates that have made its offerings even better. Consider this your most up-to-date guide on what MaxPass is, what it includes and how to use it. 

What is the Disneyland MaxPass?

The Disneyland MaxPass is an additional service for Disneyland guests that has two great perks. The first is unlimited downloads of your PhotoPass pictures. The second is the ability to book and redeem FastPass reservations on your mobile device using the Disneyland app. It can now be prepurchased with Get Away Today discount Disneyland tickets in addition to being purchased by the day through the Disneyland App.

How do I buy Disneyland MaxPass?

You can purchase Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with or without Disney MaxPass. If you choose to pre-purchase the service, the per day cost of the MaxPass will be included in the ticket type you choose. So if you purchase 3-Day Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass with Get Away Today, the MaxPass option will automatically be added to each of your three days. There is added convenience of already having MaxPass loaded on your ticket; you will not have to download MaxPass when you arrive at the park.

Disneyland MaxPass App

If you don't want to pre-purchase MaxPass, you can easily add MaxPass on a day by day basis once you're at Disneyland. You'll just scan your group's tickets into the Disneyland app and select any that you'd like to add MaxPass to.

When you purchase Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with or without Disney MaxPass, you will receive the tickets via email seven days before your vacation. That gives you flexibility if you need to make any changes before you travel. Keep in mind that changes may have fees associated with them. You will then take those electronic ticket vouchers (whether you've printed them or you have a Cast Member scan the barcode directly on your phone) straight to the Disneyland gate. From there, the Cast Member will take your picture and give you a hard copy of your tickets. The MaxPass will then automatically be enabled so you can use it right away to start electronically requesting FastPasses for eligible attractions.

What rides can I use the Disneyland MaxPass with?

The Disney MaxPass is good for all rides that allow FastPass tickets.

What rides include FastPass tickets?

Disneyland Park Rides and Shows with FastPass:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Fantasmic!
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

It's a Small World Ride

Disney California Adventure Park Rides and Shows with FastPass:

  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Incredicoaster 
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Toy Story Midway Mania!
  • World of Color

Disneyland MaxPass Toy Story

Can I use MaxPass in Star Wars Land?

When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened in summer 2019 it did not include any FastPass options. However, in February 2020, shortly before the parks closed, Disney announced that FastPass, and therefore MaxPass reservations would become availale for Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run. And of course, you can use the official Disneyland app to check wait times on all attractions, including Smuggler's Run. Additionally, it's important to note that although completely separate from the Disneyland MaxPass System, you must join a Boarding Group in order to ride Rise of the Resistance, which opened in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on January 17, 2020. This is a virtual queue that can only be entered using the Disneyland app. Click here to learn all about How to Ride Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland.

Star Wars Land

Disney may revisit this in the future and we will be sure to keep you updated. One way you can use MaxPass in Star Wars Land is taking advantage of PhotoPass photographers in Galaxy's Edge. That means that you can get professional photos taken while exploring the new land, and download them with your MaxPass.

What rides include PhotoPass? 

The rides that currently include PhotoPass are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Incredicoaster and Radiator Springs Racers. PhotoPass photographers are also located throughout each park. When you purchase Get Away Today discount Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass, you will have PhotoPass for each day you have valid admission to the Disneyland Park. This is a convenient and fun way to capture memories that you likely wouldn't be able to capture otherwise in the Resort.

Disneyland MaxPass Splash Mountain

When can I start using the Disneyland MaxPass?

No matter when you purchase your MaxPass, either before your vacation or once you're in the park, you cannot use MaxPass to begin making FastPass reservations until you are actually inside a park with an activated theme park ticket. If you aren't sure if you want to add MaxPass to your Disneyland tickets, the Disneyland MaxPass is available to purchase and use within the Disneyland app when you arrive in the Park. Waiting to purchase day of is the only way to pick and choose which days you will have MaxPass. If you purchase Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass, you are purchasing MaxPass for each day you have valid park admission.  

Can I reserve my FastPass tickets ahead of time with the Disneyland MaxPass?

No, the Disney MaxPass will only allow you to reserve a FastPass ticket if you are inside a Disneyland Resort theme park. However, once you have entered either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park for the day, you can continue to use MaxPass to make future FastPass reservations from your phone as long as they are available, even if you leave the parks for a brief break.

Disneyland MaxPass Entrance

How much is the Disneyland MaxPass?

The Disneyland MaxPass currently costs $20 per ticket, per day. This charge is per person for both adults and children, not per family. The price for MaxPass is the same whether you purchase Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass or purchase via the Disneyland app on a day-by-day basis. Although the cost of the MaxPass is the same through Get Away Today and Disneyland directly, you will save money on your Disneyland tickets by purchasing tickets with Get Away Today in advance.

Will I still be able to get the normal paper FastPass tickets in the park?

Yes, the physical FastPass tickets will still be available at the kiosks in the park for all FastPass enabled attractions for no additional charge. However, if you are using the Disneyland MaxPass, you won't be able to have a traditional FastPass at the same time.

Disneyland MaxPass FastPass Ticket

Can I use one device for multiple tickets that have the Disneyland MaxPass?

Yes, the Disneyland MaxPass will be able to link multiple tickets to one device, but you don't have to use it that way. If your group wants to split up and use your FastPass tickets for different attractions, you can easily do that by either using different devices, or just selecting a certain group of names for each attraction.

Can I have multiple FastPass tickets at a time with the Disneyland MaxPass?

No, the Disney MaxPass will only allow you to have the normal limit of one ticket at a time. The MaxPass will work exactly like the current FastPass system, but allows you to schedule and redeem your FastPass tickets with your mobile device via the Disneyland app. This is a HUGE perk since you won't have to run across the park or send someone to collect FastPass tickets for your group. Just do it with the touch of a button while you're in line for an attraction, waiting for a show to start or grabbing some lunch! It's an awesome way to maximize your time in the park.

Will Disneyland MaxPass be similar to the Magic Band at Disney World?

The Disney MaxPass and Magic Bands or My Magic+ program have some major differences. Disneyland MaxPass will not offer a band and does not allow you to book FastPass tickets ahead of time. It is also not tied to in-park charges or restaurant reservations.

How do I get the Disneyland MaxPass?

You can prepurchase the MaxPass for every day of your Disneyland Resort vacation when you purchase Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass. We offer our traditional discount Disneyland tickets without Disney MaxPass, so simply specify your choice when booking with one of our agents. When you book online, you will see different options for Disneyland tickets, with MaxPass options clearly displayed. You will need a Disney account on the Disneyland app to access MaxPass once you are in the Resort.

Disneyland MaxPass Ticket App

Another way to purchase MaxPass is through the Disneyland app once you arrive at the Resort. This is the option if you have not prepurchased the Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with Disney MaxPass. To purchase in the Resort, sign in to your Disney account. Next, scan your physical Disneyland tickets into the app. Once that is done and you are in the Disneyland Resort, you will be able to purchase the MaxPass directly from the Disneyland app. It's important to keep in mind that you cannot scan your Disneyland tickets into the Disneyland app for Disney MaxPass until you have physically entered one of the Parks.

Is there a benefit to pre-purchasing MaxPass with my Disneyland tickets or should I wait until I get to Disneyland?

The main benefit of pre-purchasing the MaxPass option is for the convenience of having it already tied to your ticket. If you know you will use MaxPass every day, you may want to have your entire ticket cost paid for before you go.

However, if you think you may only use MaxPass on a day or two of your vacation, you can save money by adding MaxPass as you go. It is incredibly easy to add MaxPass once you are in the park. We recommend making sure you have a Disney account and load your credit card information into the app before going to the park.

Can Disneyland MaxPass sell out?

No, the MaxPass service does not sell out. However, FastPass reservations can run out based on availability. If you are arriving to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park later in the day, you can check FastPass availability before purchasing MaxPass.

When is it most beneficial to have Disneyland MaxPass?

There are two very different lines of thought when it comes to deciding whether it's better to have MaxPass during a busy time or during a slower time. If you're going to Disneyland during a busy time, you'll definitely want MaxPass to optimize your time in the parks. However, you should be aware that FastPasses will typically run out earlier in the day during busier times. 

Pixar Pier Crowd

In the past, we advised our guests that they don't "need" MaxPass if the parks aren't busy. However, the huge upside to having MaxPass when the park is slower is that you can pretty much have your pick of FastPasses all day long. Sure, you could wait in a 30 minute stand-by line for Space Mountain, but why would you want to if you could use the FastPass line instead? 

Overall, we don't think that there is a bad time to have Disneyland MaxPass. You'll always benefit from the flexibility of making FastPass reservations from your phone. And, you can always enjoy those PhotoPass images.

Can I book a MaxPass for an attraction in Disney California Adventure while in Disneyland Park? 

Yes! As long as your ticket has been scanned into either park, you will be able to add a FastPass reservation for either park. That means you can secure a FastPass for Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! while in Disneyland. Or, secure a FastPass for Space Mountain while in Disney California Adventure. Just remember that you must have a Park Hopper ticket to go between the parks and you can still reserve only one FastPass at a time. 

Disneyland MaxPass Guardians Ride

Can only one person in my party purchase the MaxPass? 

Everyone in your party must purchase the MaxPass to be able to book their FastPasses on the app. If only some members of your party will be riding the larger attractions, you can purchase it just for them. If you are only using MaxPass for photos, you can choose to have one person in your party purchase MaxPass for the day and you'll have access to the unlimited PhotoPass downloads for the day. 

Do I have to pay for the Disneyland MaxPass if I'm an annual passholder? 

One annual pass includes the MaxPass free of charge; the Signature Plus Passport. Other annual pass levels must purchase the MaxPass for the $20 per person per day rate. 

Can I cancel my MaxPass selections? 

Yes, if you are unable to make your FastPass, you can cancel it via the Disneyland app. You are able to do this both for your whole party or an individual. Once you either use or cancel a MaxPass selection, you can make a new FastPass selction. You have the ultimate flexibility with the Disneyland MaxPass!

Will I be able to select World of Color and Fantasmic! FastPasses with the Disneyland MaxPass? 

Yes! As of April 2019, you can reserve FastPass reservations for both World of Color and Fantasmic!. Additionally, paper FastPass tickets may still be collected at their respective kiosks. If you are using the MaxPass to get a FastPass for World of Color or Fantasmic!, you can still get a FastPass for any available attraction.

Disneyland MaxPass World of Color

Booking your Disneyland vacation with or without MaxPass 

We don’t know about you, but we’re are loving the Disneyland MaxPass and we are thrilled to be able to offer our discount Disneyland tickets now with Disney MaxPass! We’d love to know what you think about this change. Do you like it? Do you have more questions about the Disneyland MaxPass?

Make sure to get the best price on your Disneyland vacation by booking your Disneyland tickets now. You won’t have to worry about losing availability when you use our layaway plan to book your vacation with only $175 down, either. Book any of our Disneyland packages, with tickets and hotels near Disneyland online or give our travel experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY!

*All information has been verified through the Disney Parks Blog. 

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Lynn- That is an EXCELLENT question. As far as we know, when you upgrade those 5-Day tickets to a flex annual pass, Disney will give you the full value of 5-Day tickets toward the overall cost of the annual pass. No add-ons are taken into consideration. If you have more questions about this, please feel free to give an agent a call at 855-GET-AWAY. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for this thorough guide! If I'm planning on buying the Extra Day Free 5 day Disneyland Park Hopper e-tickets with maxpass, and upgrading it to an annual pass on my last day, will the extra I spent for the maxpass be able to be used for the upgrade? So with current prices, I'd be able to apply the $440 to the cost of a flex annual pass? Thanks for your help!

KG - Thank you for reading our blog! We're so happy to hear the updates on MaxPass have been helpful for you.

These updates are helpful! Thank you for sharing.

Buzz- MaxPass is a one-time purchase. Each person in your party, up to ten people, can have a MaxPass linked on one device. This means that if, for example, you're in charge of your groups' MaxPasses, you can have ten different people linked on your personal device. If you're asking how many FastPass requests you can make at one time, the answer is one. You can typically make a new FastPass request, via the MaxPass on your device, every 90 minutes.

Hi, newbie here, How many MaxPasses can I have at one time? Also after I use it how soon can a get another MaxPass for another ride? How much time do I have to wait b4 I can get another MaxPass after I use one....? Thank you in advance

KT - Good questions! You can buy up to 10 MaxPasses on one device, but it is not possible to link up separate purchases from multiple devices. Typically, FastPass times are on a rotating schedule of about 10 minute intervals, so hopefully if your party is larger than 10 people, you won't be waiting too long to meet up after using your FastPasses on the rides. Let us know if you have additional questions!

If my sister buys a MaxPass for everybody in her family using her app and I buy a MaxPass for everybody in my family using the app on my phone, is there a way after we each buy them on our own separate apps to link them up together on one phone so we can all be in the same party? Or does one person have to buy everybody’s MaxPass so that we can be in the same group?

Anonymous - This post is prefaced to reflect the January 2019 updates for MaxPass. Thank you for reminding us to check out information for accuracy!

You might want to update your blog with current dates (i.e. It's 2019 now, not 2017) and correct the many spelling and grammatical errors you have throughout it. It looks more professional when stuff is current and spelled correctly.

Gretchen- MaxPasses are used to redeem FastPasses, so they do not affect the availability of FastPasses. A FastPass is EASIER to get with a MaxPass because you don't have to physically be standing at the FastPass redemption kiosk in order to get one. It's all done remotely when you purchase a MaxPass.

Now that the Max Pass is available, are there less Fast Passes? Are the Fast Passes harder to get now?

Anonymous- You've done some great research. You are correct in your thinking! You can purchase just two MaxPasses for your husband and oldest child, and then you personally could use a Parent Swap to then jump on the ride when the MaxPass holders have had their turn. Enjoy your first trip to Disney, and don't hesitate to call us if you have more questions! 855-GET-AWAY

I am trying to research all I can for our first trip to Disney. I have read about the parent swap pass and here are my thoughts. If we get 2 Max Passes for my husband and oldest child, wouldn't I be able to get a parent swap ticket and jump on the ride quickly after they are done? My youngest is too young to go on most of the big rides. Would we really need a 3rd Max pass for me? For the rides that we all want to go on together we could just use a Fast Pass right?

Hi Kris, You will want to purchase your tickets as you planned, and then add MaxPass when you get to the parks. That way you'll get a discount on your tickets. You can't use MaxPass until you're already in the Parks. If you want to save some time, you can pre-load your tickets and credit card information into the app before you enter the park. Then, adding MaxPass is as easy as hitting a couple of buttons. :)

I am confused on when to buy a max pass ticket. I am buying Disneyland tickets this week for our family and going on Christmas. Do I buy the max pass tickets online now or buy the max pass first thing the morning I get there?

Hi Alex! There is not a limit to the number of FastPasses you can redeem. In fact, we encourage you to try and see just how many you are able to use in a day. With smart planning, we know there have been guests who have been able to redeem more than ten in a single day!

i was wondering if there is a limit to the number of fast passes you can redeem within the day, thank you!

Hi Jessica! When you purchase your tickets with Get Away Today, you'll purchase the MaxPass from the Disneyland app the day you are at the park. We suggest having your card information and account all signed on, so it's just an easy click and you'll have the MaxPass magic at your fingertips. :)

How do you purchase the MaxPass add on? Is that through getaway today or Disney?

Hi Shane! MaxPass is only available for purchase through Disneyland. To add it on to our tickets, you'll just wait to do so via the Disneyland app once you are in the park each day. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY.

Can we purchase the Max Pass through Get Away Today? If so where? I dont see where to select it.

Hi Carissa! The $10 per person per day MaxPass option includes all of your photo downloads for that day. You do not need to purchase the PhotoPass on top of the MaxPass. And, if you're only using MaxPass for the photos, you really only have to have one person purchase the MaxPass for those benefits. Just make sure they and their mobile device are there for all pictures to be linked to the account with MaxPass. If you have any questions, give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY. :)

Do I have to purchase a PhotoPass and then pay the $10 for the Max Pass just to link it to my device or does just buying the Max Pass get us the unlimited photo downloads?

I LOVE the MaxPass! We attended mid December and rode ALL the rides within 3 days with little wait, thanks to the MaxPass. That was with a 2 and 4 year old. Not all the rides can you fast pass but the ones we usually wait long for we were able to fast pass. I really liked walking right into the park, purchase the MaxPass and secure our first ride while walking to another ride. There was one point we held 3 fast passes at one. Our first fast pass of the day got canceled which basically gave us a freebie you can use at anytime of the day (you can’t use at for Gaurdians of Galaxy). We ended up fast passing Gaurdians of Galaxy for later that evening. Because it was a couple hours away, we were able to fast pass the Cars ride (the MaxPass will give you a time frame as the when you can pick another ride to fast pass if the you are holding a fast pass that is later that day). We ended up using our freebie on Soaring. Basically we were able to ride Cars, Soaring and Gaurdians of Galaxy within 1 hour and 15 minutes. My husband and I were blown away. Not to mention my in laws were part of our MaxPass but didn’t come with us in the evening so we used their freebie to ride the cars ride a second time. We also enjoyed having all our pictures throughout our time in the parks. I ended up downloaded them to my phone and printing out myself. I can understand paying an extra $10 per person. It could get pricey. You don’t have to commit to everyday you are in the park. We picked the two busiest days based on the crowed calendar. For our sanity with two young kids, the money was worth it for us! I can only imagine the price will continue to go up as more catch on to this. I say, do it now while it is only $10 per person!

Hi Stacie! The $10 is for the entire day for one person, not per ride. If you have any other questions, give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY. :)

So is it $10.00 a day for the whole day per person for all fast pass rides? Or 10$ per ride?

Hi John, If you link all of your tickets to one device, you'll pay for them in one transaction on the same device. :)

So if we bought get away ticket for 7 of us, link it to one device, can I buy all 7 MaxPass after entering the park in one device? Or other members have to buy their own MaxPass?

Hi Tina! The DAS and mobility disability passes will continue to be done as before, without access on the Max Pass.

Can the passes for guests with special needs be done through the max pass?

I don't like this at all! I feel like eventually they will be getting rid of the free system. For a family of 8 who usually spends 5 days in the park this adds up to an extra $400! That's just ridiculous! Last time we visited universal studios it was misrable for anyone who had a standard ticket..,we were all waiting over 2 hours to get in rides because of they're VIP passes.

Hi Roo! The Disney Parks Blog did mention that there would be a daily or yearly option for Annual Passholders to add on, but we haven't heard more about it. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we hear an update!

have they said anything about if MaxPass will be a feature that is added/included to annual passes?

Hi there! There still has not been an update on when the MaxPass will be available. However, we have a few team members going down this week who are hoping to talk to a few Cast Members and try to get a little more information. We'll let you know as soon as we know more! :)

Still no further info on when this feature will become available....? Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

Hi Alex. There has been no update on when the MaxPass will be available in Disneyland. We are anxiously awaiting and will let you know as soon as it is announced!

Any update on when this will be available ?

Yes - great question. The same Fastpass rules will apply to the MaxPass, so if you get one at 9am with a 12pm return time, your next MaxPass will be available at 11am. :)

You mentioned earlier in the blog that you can't have multiple Fastpasses at a time. Do you mean they will have the same rules for Fastpass (wait until the return time or 2 hours to get a new Fastpass) or do you have to use your Maxpass first before you can get a new one? So if you got a MaxPass for Star Tours at 9:00 and the return time was 12:00, could you still reserve another MaxPass at 11:00 or would you have to wait until 12:00 and use the MaxPass to get a new one for another ride?

Hi Matt! Those are great questions. Disney hasn't released specific details about the MaxPass and whether or not it will be the same as the Fastpass in regards to being disconnected. We will make sure to update you as soon as they do!

3 questions:

  1. Buzz Lightyear Fastpasses are currently disconnected. Will they still be disconnected on the app or only with paper tickets?

  2. If I chose to get MaxPass, can I still get a paper Fastpass later if MaxPass runs out earlier than regular Fastpass?

  3. Is MaxPass going to be like Fastpass where the 2 parks Fastpasses are disconnected from each other (like Space Mountain not connected to Soarin', Splash Mountain not connected to Radiator Springs Racers, etc)?

Hi Sue and Sharon! We don't have all the details about the PhotoPass portion of the Disneyland Maxpass just yet. As soon as Disney releases those, we will let you know. :)

So does this include all PhotoPass pictures or just the ones from the rides?

I'm not sure I understand the unlimited Photo Pass downloads. I usually purchase the Photo Pass for I think $89 . Everyone in my group gives me the numbers from photos taken and I go around to all the rides, etc. every night to add them to my pass. Does this mean I don't have to do this anymore and my out of pocket is $10 a day for the same thing?

This is such a terrible idea with a lot of flaws for the average park attendee. It's also frustrating to be charged for something WDW gets included in the price of their tickets. We were going to get APs again this year, but I'm seriously reconsidering that decision. This is too much additional money for my family of four, but I suppose this is yet another way of pricing people out of the parks to reduce congestion.

Hi everyone! The Fastpass tickets at the kiosks in the park will still be available for no charge. The MaxPass is only if you would like to book those Fastpass tickets on your phone instead of physically going to the kiosk. Plus, it includes unlimited PhotoPass downloads on top of the added convenience of not having to go to the kiosks. We hope that clears it up for you! Please let us know if you have any other questions. :)

Not gonna lie... I don't like it but hey if I don't like it then I don't have to get it, right?! Just one more way Disney is trying to get more money out of us. Cause correct me if I'm wrong but with that pass it's per person so if I have 4 people and we'd normally send one person to a ride to get all of our fast passes (for free) they'd charge $10 (intro rate) per person for their fast pass. So that'd be an extra $40 we just spent just to get fast passes?

So, a family of five, would spend 50 dollars to get fast pass for rides for the day. We usually go for 5 days. That is alot a money! Not sure , this is a good idea

Hi there, Disney hasn't announced specific dates, but we'll be sure to update you as soon as they do! :)

When will they add the fast pass to toy story?

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