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Thor Is Coming to Disneyland!

By Kimberly Fidler 08/27/2013

Something big is coming to Disneyland... it's THOR!  First Iron Man made an appearance in Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries inside the Innovations Building. Iron Man's attraction has been a huge draw and received rave reviews.

Now it's Thor's turn to generate some excitement when he makes his grand entrance this fall. Not much is known about what Thor's new attraction will include, but the fact that he's coming is thrilling in and of itself! The new attraction will celebrate Thor: The Dark World which comes to theaters November 8. 

Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog ©Disney

The new film looks incredibly intense - and by intense, I mean awesome. If you haven't seen the trailer for Thor: The Dark World yet, check it out below:

But most importantly, make sure to visit Thor in person at the Disneyland Resort this fall! We don't know what the attraction will include, when it will open or how long it will stay, but we're sure it will be worth it! We will share more information as it becomes available next month. In the meantime, we know it will be great and we are anxiously anticipating Thor's arrival! Keep in mind if you plan your vacation right, in addition to Thor, you'll also be able to experience Holidays at the Disneyland Resort which kick off on November 12. Book online or call our Reservation Specialists at 855-GET-AWAY today!

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