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A Whole Year of Disney Magic at Home
December 15, 2016
Author: Adelle Belnap

Experience Disney magic at home with an entire year of Disney activities. With this 52 Weeks of Disney printable activity guide and instructions, you can feel the magic of Disney all year long. 

As the year draws to a close, it is customary to make resolutions. You can make goals to get healthy, make more money or to be more kind. May I suggest a resolution that your whole family can enjoy together? Make Disney magic at home with our 52 Weeks of Disney activities!
Our program provides a new activity for each week of the year. Each activity is guaranteed to bring your family a dash of love, laughter and fun. Make magical memories together during 2017 with your favorite Disney characters and experiences. Outlined below is a breakdown for each week. Make sure to bookmark this page, save the infographic to your phone or print out the guide to use as a reference. It is going to be a great year filled with Disney magic!
52 Weeks of Disney for 2017 -
1. Make a Disney Vacation Savings Jar. Start the year off right with a Disney Vacation plan. Set a goal as a family to save money on everyday expenses. Let your children participate in extra household chores to earn money for the jar. Even if your vacation is a long way in the future, you can start saving today! 
2. Mousekersize with Mickey and His Friends. A healthy start to the new year begins with a little bit of exercise with everyone's favorite mouse! You can find a fun clip of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang doing exercises here on You Tube. Have fun getting on your groove on as a family.
3. Play Freeze Tag. Get Frozen with this fun game of Elsa's Freeze Tag. You can play with silly string and really "let it go" or, make things simple with regular freeze tag. Either way, for the first time in forever, you'll be having a grand time!

4. Build an Olaf Snowman. If you are lucky enough to have snow outside, then bundle up and build an Olaf snowman in your yard. Make sure to give him a carrot nose! If you don't have snow, then you can still build Olaf... just use marshmallows instead. I am sure he will think you are worth melting for if you want to stir your marshmallow friend into a cup of hot chocolate.
5. Make Frozen Hot Chocolate. Have you ever had frozen hot chocolate? It is a fun treat to whip up in the blender. Use your Disney magic and Elsa powers to make it nice and frosty.
6. Make a Star Wars Valentine. You'll be sure to have a galactic impression on your friends with these cute Star Wars valentines.

7. Give a True Love's Kiss. I can't think of anything more romantic than a true love's kiss! Kids, give your parents a nice hug and kiss to say thank you for all that they do for you! You can also go the sweeter route and make these cute True Love's Kiss chocolates to leave as tasty reminders of your affection for each other throughout the week.

8. Watch Cinderella. The classic love story of Cinderella and her Prince never gets old. You can choose the new live action film or watch the original cartoon version. Either way, it's a hit!
9. Whistle While You Work. Raise your hand if you love doing homework. I'm not seeing any hands up! Well, I am not a big fan of it myself. Make homework a little more enjoyable this week by acting like dwarfs. I'm not talking about being grumpy or sleepy! I'm talking about whistling while you work. 
10. Make Green Mickey Mouse Pancakes. Move over Green Eggs and Ham! Mickey Mouse pancakes are taking over the green meal this year. Add a drop or two of green food coloring to you pancake batter and get ready to have one silly magical meal together.
11. Go See the New Beauty and the Beast Movie. Disney is delighting us with some amazing live action remakes of our favorite fairy tales. The Beauty and the Beast film looks enchanting. Grab some popcorn and get ready for a tale as old as time.
12. Add a 'Spoonful of Sugar' to your Breakfast. If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then just think what it will do to a bowl of Cheerios! It will make a for a delightful day.
13. Go Fly a Kite. When the March winds blow, nothing is better than flying a kite. Who can help but think of cute Jane and Micheal flying their homemade kite with their father? If the weather is too calm for takeoff, you can always make and decorate a kite to hang inside as a decoration for the week. Maybe give it some Mickey ears!
14. Decorate Disney Easter Eggs. Give your Easter eggs a little bit of Disney magic. Have you tried these fun confetti filled eggs? They sure are a hit with my family.

15. Make Mickey Shaped Rice Krispy Treats. The treats at the Disney Parks are the best! You can make a popular Disney springtime snack to have some Disney magic at home with this recipe. Enjoy! 

16. Build an Indoor Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Hey everybody! It's Mickey Mouse. Do you want to come inside my Clubhouse?" You bet! Build your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with pillows, blankets, couch cushions, and a bit of Disney magic at home!
17. Make a Mickey Mouse Shaped Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Melted cheese in Mickey shaped bread. Nothing else needs to be said.
18. Have a "Sword" Fight with Frying Pans. Frying pans are pretty amazing. Who knew? Have a little battle in your kitchen with them. But, be careful! You don't want to see a WANTED poster up with your name on it. They never get the nose right!
19. Draw Your Favorite Disney Character. Unleash your inner artist and sketch a rendition of your favorite Disney characters.
20. Write a Letter to a Disney Princess or Mickey and His Gang. Did you know you can mail a letter to Disneyland or Walt Disney World and you will get a reply back? It is like magic. How fun would it be to receive a post card in the mail from your favorite Disney pals? Make sure to write your return address clearly in the letter to ensure your reply will find its way to your home.  
For Disney World:
Walt Disney World Communications 
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040
For Disneyland:
Walt Disney Company
Attn: Fan Mail Department
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
21. Play Finding Nemo in the Bathtub. Just keep swimming and let your kids play in the bath tub. Put on swimming suits and catch a ride on the East Australian Current. 
22. Build a Miniature Fairy Rock Garden. With a few craft supplies and a little pixie dust, you can create a rock garden fit for a fairy. Sprinkle glitter on the rocks and build a little fairy house out of popsicle sticks. Make seats from toadstools or twigs. 
23. Listen to Disney Songs on the Radio. Disney has produced some of the best songs of the century. You can tune into Disney Pandora or go online and listen to Radio Disney. Make sure to sing along to your favorite jams! Rocking on an air guitar and dancing in the kitchen is acceptable. 
24. Plant an Enchanted Rose Bush. One of the most iconic images from Beauty and the Beast is the Enchanted Rose. Buy a miniature rose bush to put in your home or plant one in your yard. Enjoy the beautiful flowers and the Disney magic at home all summer long. 
25. Host a Neighborhood Piston Cup Bike Race. KA-CHOW!! Race around the neighborhood like Lightning McQueen. Parents can be the pit crew with lemonade and cookies when the little racers need to fuel up!
26. Watch the World of Color Show. If you have never had a chance to see World of Color in person at California Adventure Park then take the time to watch it online. It is a magical visual event! You can even make your own world of color afterwards with a water fight in the backyard. 
27. Wear Glowing Mickey Ears to the Fireworks Show. The Fourth of July is so festive and patriotic. Add a pop of Disney magic to the special night with glowing Mickey Ears. You will stand out in the crowd! You can find glowing Mickey ears. Or, make your own glowing princess crown with this tutorial. There is a princess in all of us according to Sophia the First!

28. Make Homemade Disney Churros. Nothing screams summer louder than carnival food. Fry up a batch of your own cinnamon churros with this tutorial and enjoy a bite of Disneyland at home.

29. Make Lightsaber Otter Pops. The Force is strong with you, so make sure you know how to wield a light saber. These ones are easy to use and you can make your own. You have to eat them quick like a Jedi before they melt. 

30. Send Floating Lanterns into the Sky. Who dreams of seeing the floating lanterns like Rapunzel? I sure do. You can make your own mini lantern show with these fun floating lights. With that Disney magic, make sure to dream big. 
31. Make Tie Die Mickey Shirts. Create some Disney magic at home with this fun t-shirt craft. With just a few twists and a splash of color, you can create matching Disney shirts for your Disneyland vacation or wear them just for fun! 

32. Go Swimming and Pretend to Be Mermaids. Ariel always wanted to be part of our world, but what kid doesn't want to be part of hers? Trade your legs for a tail and imagine spending the afternoon under the sea. 
33. Grill Hotdogs and Sing Goofy's Hot Dog Song. Goofy is the best! He is funny and silly and well...goofy! Sing his Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog song together after dinner. It is impossible not to laugh! 
34. Make a Pixie Dust Holder for your Backpack. School can be intimidating. Send your kids with a little bottle of magic to help give them the courage they need to make new friends! Like Tinkerbell says, "All you need is Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!"  

35. Put Disney Lunch Box Notes in School Lunch Containers. Make lunchtime more fun with these cute Disney lunch box notes.  

36. Make Mickey and Minnie Oreos. Oreo cookies are pretty tasty. But, dip them in chocolate and cover them with sprinkles and they are simply magical. The process is easy, so make sure to let your kids help. 

37. Bounce Like Tigger. Sometimes kids need to get their wiggles out. See how many time you can bounce up and down like Tigger. Who can do it the longest?
38. Do a Disney Puzzle. Put together a Disney puzzle as a family for some quality time of Disney magic at home. 
39. Play Games on the Disney Jr. App. Disney Jr.is one of the best apps available. There are fun educational games and plenty of cute Disney videos to entertain the little ones. 
40. Make Mickey Caramel Apples. Caramel apples in the fall are the best! Create some Disney magic at home with these cute Mickey and Minnie apples

41. Put on a Princess and Villains Parade. The Disney parks are known for their fantastic parades. Put on your own Disney parade at home. Dress up like your favorite characters and parade around the house to the music of the Soundsational parade! 
42. Carve a Disney Pumpkin. Get out your carving equipment and make a Disney masterpiece. You can add little pumpkin gourd ears to the top of your pumpkin to make it look like Mickey Mouse himself for a little extra Disney magic at home. 
43. Make Jack Skellington Leaf Bags. Jack is a pretty spooky guy! His skeleton face makes a perfect Halloween decoration. Find instructions on how to make the spooky decorations here

44. Buy a Disney Character Toothbrush. With all of the Halloween candy around it will take a little bit of Disney magic to keep the cavities at bay. Brush up those teeth with a cute Disney toothbrush. We don't want you looking like pirates!
45. Decide what Disney Character You Would Vote For. Election time is always exciting. Make it even better with a special Disney election in your house. What character would you like to see as President and why?
46. Eat on Disney Paper Plates All Week. Grab a stack of Disney paper products and enjoy eating with your favorite pals all week long.
47. Watch for Disney Stars in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Thanksgiving parade is a long time American tradition. If you watch carefully, you can usually see a handful of Disney stars in the lineup. What part is your favorite?
48. Have a Sleep Over with a Disney Character Plush. Snuggle up with your favorite cuddly Disney friend over the Thanksgiving break and have a giant sleep over party together!
49. Play Would You Rather Disney Edition. Would you rather have a year of Disney, or a year of physics homework? That is an easy one! Play this fun family game of Would You Rather to get to know each other better and to have a load of fun.

50. Play Sven's Reindeer Games. I know reindeer love to play games. So do people! Join in on some of Sven's famous reindeer games and enjoy some holiday fun and Disney magic.

51. Tell Santa you want a Disney Vacation for Christmas. Have you ever thought about giving a vacation for Christmas instead of stuff? It is one of the most popular trends to simplify the season with a family vacation. Disney vacations are priceless!

52. Host a Cinderella Midnight Ball. Cinderella had to be home by midnight, but she got to party up until the clock tower began to toll. Bring some princess fun to your New Year's Eve with this cute party plan -- Cinderella's Not Quite Midnight Ball.

I hope you have a fun-filled year of Disney! These simple activities will help you feel that amazing Disney magic at home with your family all year long. When you are making your New Year's Resolutions I hope you will include more time together to make special memories as a family! 
And of course, the best inspiration for some Disney magic at home is to visit Disneyland itself! Make memories to last a lifetime with the best deals and best service guaranteed. Book our Disneyland packages online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. 

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A Whole Year of Disney Magic at Home

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