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Disney Inspired Belle Skirt Tutorial
April 4, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

This easy Disney inspired Belle skirt tutorial has step-by-step instructions and easy to follow pictures. Enchanted rose petals are trapped inside the gathered tulle skirt to create a magical Beauty and the Beast dress up that will make your little girl feel like a true princess. 

Disney Belle Skirt Finished

Did you know that when the costume designers were creating Belle's iconic yellow ball gown for Disney's new live action Beauty and the Beast film that they made sure that it was intricate and flowing, but also comfortable? No corset was allowed. Belle is an active and adventurous princess after all.
You can create a beautiful and comfortable Belle skirt for your own little adventurous princess with this easy to follow tutorial. Add a little Disney magic with enchanted rose petals to make this Belle skirt fairytale worthy. 
You will need:
Start by making the enchanted rose flower petals. I looked at our local craft stores for petals to purchase and could not find anything in stock. If you are patient, you can order them online and get them shipped to your house. I think this bundle on Amazon looks like it would work really well for this project.
I decided to make my own petals and it was actually really easy and fun. Use sharp sewing scissors to cut petal shaped fabric pieces out of the red satin fabric. I didn't worry too much about making them perfect. They were about the same shape and size, that was good enough for me! You can double the fabric over so that you cut two petals at a time. 

Belle Skirt Supplies

Light a tea light or other candle. Maybe Lumier could lend a helping hand... Hold the petal so that the edge is right next to the small flame. It will start to melt. Turn the fabric around in a circle, staying next to the flame the whole time, to burn the outside edge completely. It melts pretty quickly, so the process only takes about 15 seconds per flower petal. 

Belle Skirt Petals Burn Edges

If I were to make another Belle skirt, I would make double the amount of flower petals than I show in the picture. I think 75 petals is a great number, but you could do even more if you are feeling ambitious, or want an extra flowery Belle skirt. 
Set the petals aside while you make the skirt. Fold the tulle in half twice. It should be 4 yards long and about 15 inches tall. There will be four layers of fabric. Sew along the open edge all across the top edge of the fabric. Leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance. DO NOT backstitch. Make sure to catch all the ends of the fabric layers. Then, sew across a second time.

Belle Skirt Seam

The two seams will help you to gather the tulle. Hold the top threads and pull the tulle along the thread to gather the fabric. You want to gather it as tightly as you can. 
Cut a strip of yellow fabric to be 25 by 4 inches. This skirt is about a size 4. You can measure your child to see how wide her waist measures. You want this fabric to be at least 5 inches longer than her waist.  

Belle Skirt Cut Strip

Sew the gathered tulle onto the fabric waistband. You might have to continue to gather the tulle and fold it under while you sew to get it to fit on the waistband. 

Belle Skirt Gathering Stitch

Stuff the rose petals into the center of the folded tulle. 
Then, bring the two unfinished ends together and sew them together along the side to form a tube. When you are sewing the section of waistband together, leave a small opening from the center to about 1/4 inches from the top of the strip. This is where the elastic will be inserted in a later step.  

Belle Skirt Band

You can cut away the excess tulle after you have sewn the side together. 

Belle Skirt Close

Next, fold the waistband down and over. Tuck the unfinished edge underneath itself just a little bit to make a pretty finished look and sew across it. This will leave a nice open tube for the elastic to slide through. 

Belle Skirt Hem Waist

Cut your elastic to be two inches smaller than the size of your child's wait measurement. Then, hook the elastic to a medium sized safety pin. Slide the safety pin into the hole you left in the waistband seam. Thread it around the waist of the Belle skirt.

Belle Skirt Thread Needle

Once the elastic has been threaded around the entire waistband, pull the end out of the opening so that you have both ends together. Make sure your elastic is not twisted anywhere inside the waistband. Then, sew the elastic ends together. 

Belle Skirt Elastic

Tuck the elastic back into the hole. It will be hidden inside. And voila! Your Belle skirt is finished!

Belle Skirt

This fluffy and beautiful tulle Belle skirt is the perfect addition to your princess's wardrobe! You could pair it with a cute Beauty and the Beast T-shirt for a day at a Disney Park or wear it to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast film. Your little Belle will want to twirl and dance and watch the enchanted rose petals flutter around like magic.

Belle Skirt Princess

Remember that for a limited time you can have extra Beauty and the Beast experiences at Disneyland. Read all about them in our article: 7 Beauty and the Beast Experiences in Disneyland That You Can Enjoy Right Now. Imagine how beautiful your little princess will be when she sees "the real" Beauty and the Beast in her own Belle skirt!
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