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Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise
December 21, 2017
Author: Lex Tingey

Give your family a Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise this Christmas. Use the free printable to make special Hershey Kisses that announce your exciting Disney destination! 

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise

If you want to wrap up a Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise for Christmas morning, then check out this cute and sweet idea we have on the blog today! Giving the gift of travel is one of the most popular trends of the season. Making magical memories as a family is on everyone's Christmas list, and Santa and his little elves definitely approve. 

It is a little bit tricky to literally wrap up a vacation. Experiences don't come packaged quite like a toy. So, we like to give our readers creative ideas on how to give a vacation surprise. This idea has two of my very favorite things...chocolate and Mickey Mouse! They make a pretty great combo. 

I think you will get more than just chocolate kisses when your family finds out on Christmas morning that they are headed on a Disney vacation! No mistletoe necessary.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Close

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Materials and Instructions:
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Start by downloading and printing the free Hershey Kisses Label and the Disney Vacation Surprise printable that matches your destination. There are templates available for Disneyland, Disney World and Disney Cruises. I recommend using cardstock paper for this project. Print each page in color.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Printable

Now, cut out the miniature Hershey Kiss labels. If you can get your hands on a 3/4 inch circle paper punch for this step, you will be a happy elf. It makes the process so quick and easy! I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby. They also have them on Amazon with Prime shipping. 

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Size

You can see the picture through the cutout in the circle punch. Just center the image in the opening and press the punch closed and the paper dot pops out. 

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Punch

Cut out all of the Hershey Kiss labels.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Circles

Open the bag of Hershey Kisses. I got two kinds of Kisses to make the gift festive. The seasonal Candy Cane Kisses are amazing. They smell so good when you open the package. Try not to eat them all while you are crafting!

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Kisses

Now, attach the little paper dots to the bottom of the Hershey Kiss candies. Double sided tape is a life saver during this step. I love making things fast and simple! 

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Double

Tear off a small square of the double sided tape and stick it to the back of the paper dot. Then press the paper to the bottom of the Kiss.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Kiss

Repeat the process about 100 times and you will have a nice big stack of Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprises. All that is left is to add the tag! That is the part of the Christmas gift that reveals the Disney vacation.

There are four circles on the printed template. It is enough for two gift tags. Cut out one of each design.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Note

Tape the two circles together with their blank back sides touching. The double sided tape comes in handy again for this step. Stick a few strips onto the papers and press them together. Make sure they match up at the top.

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise Stick

You can package the Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprises and their tag in so many different ways. Stuff a little stocking with the treats and tie the tag on the hanging loop. Or, put the Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise in a cute Christmas box with the tag tucked nicely inside. Spread the kisses out in a trail leading your little crew to the note hanging on the tree. I filled a little Santa sled with the chocolates and tied the note onto it. 

I recommend having the front part of the tag that reads, "Have Yourself a Merry Little KISSMAS" facing out first. Then, let them turn the tag over to reveal the Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise. We recommend having your camera ready for the looks of surprise and shouts of joy sure to follow. 

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise

Giving the gift of a vacation is such a fun tradition. Happy family memories last a lot longer than toys and games. Travel creates the kind of experiences that bind people together and build relationships. You won't ever regret visiting the Happiest Place on Earth as a family. It is a treasure and a perfect Christmas gift! 

If you don't have a vacation planned to use this Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise, Get Away Today can help. We offer the best prices and best service on every Disney vacation we book. Whether you choose to visit California, Florida or sail on the open seas, we'll help you get there. Book any of our Disney packages online or give our Disney experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY. 

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Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise FREE Printable || Get Away Today

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