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Disneyland Vacation: Let the Countdown Begin!
August 23, 2012
Author: Kimberly Fidler

At Get Away Today we LOVE helping families book their Disneyland packages.  A huge part of the fun of a vacation is in the planning and anticipation. We loved this idea that parents can put together for each of their kids to get them excited for their family Disneyland trip so much that we decided to share it with you! 

This creative Disneyland vacation countdown paper chain started with a little poem at the top, then alternated Mickey Mouse themed rings.  Add Mickey ears to the black rings and white buttons to the red rings to look like Mickey's pants and rotate plain yellow rings and white rings.  You can do the same thing for Minnie with a few color adjustments and adding a bow. Both the Mickey and Minnie chains have white rings that each have a fun Disney themed idea that you can do as a family that day to get the kids excited for their trip.  We've put together a sheet of 15 ideas that you can use with things like:

  • Write a letter to your favorite Disney Character to let them know you’re coming.
  • What is your favorite Disney treat? Let’s try to make it today!
  • Hop around like Tigger.
  • Decorate your own pair of Mickey Mouse ears for your vacation.
  • Pretend to be your favorite Disney Character.
  • Have Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner.
  • Disney Movie Night
  • Pack your bags—we leave tomorrow!

Feel free to use any of the ideas that we've created, or come up with your own! The can be simple. Sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable. Your countdown can be any length you wish and will vary from family to family. If you've booked months out, you could do one chain link a week until you get closer to really stretch out the fun. Check out the details up close to get a better idea of how you can recreate this Disneyland vacation countdown:

Begin with a simple poem: Grab your ears, it's time for Cheers!

These paper strips were simply stapled together to create the links.

Here you can see the "assignment" inside the yellow paper chain links.

These countdown chains were so popular that we made all of the printables available and we made a version for Disneyland, Disney World and even a Disney Cruise! You can download everything you need here:

Chain Pattern: (download)
Circle Header for your destination:
(Disneyland download)
(Disney World download)
(Disney Cruise download)
Daily Activities: (download)

No matter how you get your family enthused about your vacation, a Disneyland vacation is an exciting and special opportunity!  We hope you make the most of it - and remember, when you book with Get Away Today, we have Customer Service available 365 days a year to make sure that your vacation goes as seamlessly as possible.  If you haven't set up one of our Disneyland packages yet, book today and let your Disneyland vacation countdown begin!

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Hi Holly, Yes, the bow is on the same template as each of the headers. That way you can use it or not. :) Thanks and happy counting!

Is there a template for the bow?

The templates are all available to download in the blog. :) Thanks and enjoy!

Will you please send me the templates. Such a cute idea! [email protected]

I would love to make this chain for my kids and nieces/nephews before our family trip to Disneyland--- could you please send me your template? My email address is [email protected] Thank you so much!

Cindy - that's such a fun idea! Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher. :)

I am going to use this in my classroom. Instead of counting down, I will use as an incentive for good writing. My students will receive a piece every time they show proper writing skills.

Will you kindly share your templates with me? [email protected] Absolutely adorable idea!!!

I love your idea! It is great I'm wondering if you would send me a your list of tasks you put on the white rings. [email protected] Thanks, You are Inspiring!

could I please get the ears template too? [email protected] TIA!

Could you please send me the template?!? Thank you in [email protected]

Could you please send me ears template? Thank you! [email protected]

That's what I was thinking but wasn't sure. Thank you!!!

Meg - you can do it however you would like. We would just take off one ring at a time instead of the whole Mickey so that your chain doesn't have to be too long. :)

stupid question but how do you do the countdown: do you take just one single ring off or a whole actual Mickey body. (am I making any sense)

Could I please have a copy of the ears as well? Jess atclemson.edu. Thanks!

A full tutorial with free downloads is available here: http://www.getawaytoday.com/blogs/2013/11/19/Disneyland-Vacation-Countdown-Chain-Tutorial We even made a Minnie version!

Can I please get a copy of the ears too? [email protected]

Sorry... [email protected]

Can I have a copy of the ears too? Leaving in 16 days!

may I have a copy of the pattern for the ears, thank you, this is too cute!

Hi! Can I get a copy as well! [email protected]. THANKS!

What a fun and creative idea!!

Joan - great question. The dots were just made with white paper using a hole punch. We hope your granddaughter has a magical time and we're sure she'll have a wonderful time counting down with her chain!

Our granddaughter-age 4 is going in Sept. I want to make this chain, but where did the little white stickers come from for Mickey's buttons. Was thinking of making a "Minnie" one for her, but her friend that is going too is a boy, so still need the little round ones. Thanks.

Can you please send the file to me as well? I'd really appreciate it. [email protected]

This has been so much fun. we are 76 days away

Such a fun idea! I made a template for the Mickey ears chain. It is on my blog: http://greylustergirl.blogspot.com/2013/04/disney-countdown-chain-tutorial-with.html

I am so excited about this. My sister and her family are going to Disney in a few weeks to celebrate my brother in law finishing chemo!! How fun will this be to add to their Disney box I am sending!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing.

absolutly adorable....I think I will use this idea for our countdown for our coming trip to Disney.

This is such a creative chain! I linked to it on my blog post on different Disney countdown ideas. Here is the site: http://preschoolears.com/blog/disney-countdown/ Love this idea!

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