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Disneyland Vacation Slap Bracelets
March 25, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

Preparing for a vacation can be a lot of fun, especially when Disney is involved! My kids and and I made some DIY slap bracelets to wear on an upcoming California vacation that I'd love to share with you. The bracelets are easy to create and fun to wear. Just slap them on and your ready to hit the road...Disney Style!

You will need to gather a few supplies before you can get slappin':

Wonder Under (Fusible Webbing)
Disney Character Cotton Fabric
Tape Measure
Iron and Ironing Board

Glow In The Dark Fabric Paint
Pinking Shears

Each bracelet will require two pieces of fabric measuring 2 inches by 6.5 inches. You won't need to buy a lot of fabric; I would only purchase 7 inches or so. You may want to also buy 7 inches of a coordinating fabric. I used a red and white polka dot fabric for the back of each of the bracelets. It reminded me of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Follow the directions for the Wonder Under to fuse it to the back of your fabric. Then, cut the fabric into rectangles that measure 6.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide.


Cut a regular measuring tape into 6 inch pieces. Don't let go of the end of the measuring tape when you are cutting or it will roll up into the casing and you won't be able to access the tape anymore! I put a piece of duct tape at the end of my measuring tape to keep it from escaping after I finished with my cuts.

Round the edges of the measuring tape to make them smooth. The corners can be jagged and sharp, so be careful.


Next, you will need to shape the measuring tape into the round bracelet shape. With the numbers facing down on a hard surface, roll the tape up and into a circle. Keep working the tape a little at a time to give it a nice rounded quality. It will eventually hold this shape on it's own after you mold it enough.

Peel the Wonder Under paper backing off of the fabric.

Lay the top piece of fabric face down onto your ironing board. This is the part that will show on the outside of the bracelet. Then, put the molded measuring tape, numbers down, onto the fabric. Now put the second fabric rectangle onto the measuring tape, keeping the right side of the fabric facing up. The measuring tape should be sandwiched between the two fabric pieces. Keep everything in place and then place a hot iron on top. Press firmly. The Wonder Under will seal the fabric to the measuring tape and also secure the fabric edges together. Make sure all of the areas of the bracelet are glued tightly with the heat from the iron.

It will look like this.

The edges will probably not be lined up perfectly, so take your pinking shears and trim around them. If you don't have pinking shears, regular scissors will work too. The Wonder Under prevents the fabric from fraying.

Unlike regular slap bracelets, these homemade kind don't hold their shape when stretched out straight. But, they do cling to your wrist very nicely! 

Did you know that Disneyland is celebrating it's Diamond Anniversary this year? It is going to be an extra spectacular year for visitors. One of the new nighttime activities is the Paint the Night parade that kicks off at the end of May. The parade will be a vibrant colorful glowing sensation. Mickey Mouse uses his imagination to "paint the night" using Tinkerbell's pixie dust. 1.5 million glowing lights will dazzle spectators and light up the night in what is sure to be an unforgettable entertainment experience.

We thought it would be fun to bring the magic of the Diamond Celebration to our house!  So we painted our Disney slap bracelets with glowing fabric paint. Now they light up the night too! You can add embellishments to the fabrics designs or just trace around the lines that are already printed. Use your imagination and magic happens.


These slap bracelets are such a fun and easy way to show your Disney Side at home or on the road! And there is no better place to sport your new DIY bracelet than at the Disneyland Resort! With Frozen Fun coming to an end and the Diamond Celebration about to begin, 2015 is the time to be at The Happiest Place on Earth. Book your Disneyland package online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY.

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