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Free Disney Inspired Pirate Valentine Printable
February 9, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

This Free Pirate Valentine Printable will help you to steal hearts this Valentines Day. Combine the Pirate Valentine Printable with Chips Ahoy cookies or chocolate gold coins for a Valentine your crew will treasure!

Pirate Valentine Printable Finished

Ahoy Matey! There is a treasure awaiting you in this post and you won't even need a map to find it. With this cute and free pirate valentine printable, you can fly right into Neverland to give your pirate crew a tasty valentine they will certainly treasure. Jake and the Neverland Pirates are always finding ways to trick that nasty Captain Hook from stealing their treasure. You can be a pirate and steal hearts this Valentines Day with Chips Ahoy Cookies or chocolate Gold Doubloons.
When you hand out these pirate treasures in class on Valentines Day, you won't have to walk the plank. Your crew will love them. Three cheers for pirate treasure!
You will need:
Black marker
To start this adventure, download the free Pirate Valentine Printable to your computer. You can print it onto regular printer paper, but I prefer using cardstock to make it nice and sturdy. There are five valentines per sheet. So, you may need to print several copies to get enough for an entire school class or friend group.

Pirate Valentine Printable Template

Cut along the edges of the cards to make them individual pirate valentines. 

Pirate Valentine Cards

Then, personalize the pirate valentine printable cards with your name and your crew mates names. I love letting my kids write their own valentines, because little kid handwriting is adorable. 

Pirate Valentine Printable Write Names

Attach the valentine onto the package of mini Chips Ahoy cookies. Do you see the pirate connection? "Ahoy!" I also added a single gold chocolate coin, or Gold Doubloon, as Jake likes to call them. Double sided tape makes this really easy!

Pirate Valentine Printable Close Up

When I designed this card, I wanted to make it versatile. There are so many ways to match the pirate theme and saying with the perfect valentine treat. I used the Mini Chips Ahoy single serving packs along with a single gold chocolate coin. 
You could also buy a package of regular Chips Ahoy Cookies and put a few cookies into a ziplock bag and tape the valentine onto the front. Add a few Hershey's Treasures chocolates to the bag as well to make it a really tasty treat bag. The saying on the card is "Ahoy Matey! I Treasure our Friendship." So, anything that ties into the "Ahoy" word or the word "Treasure" will certainly work perfectly. 
Don't you like it when things are easy? I sure do! The jolly pirates in your life are certainly going to love this pirate valentine printable and the accompanying treasure. 

Pirate Valentine Printable Treasure Box

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Free Pirate Valentine Printable

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