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Free Printable Disney Prince Valentine
February 2, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

Find out who your Disney Prince match is with this free downloadable paper fortune teller, just in time for Valentine's Day. Or, give our free printable Disney Prince Valentine to someone who is searching for their Prince Charming.

Disney Prince Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It is a day of love and romance! If "Someday My Prince Will Come" is still your theme song, then you are going to love the printable on the blog today! This magic Disney Prince valentine will help you find your perfect match and keep your dreams alive. 
Who hasn't spent a little bit of time dreaming about the perfect prince? Disney sure knows how to create some good ones. If you could choose a Disney hero to sweep you off your feet, who would it be? Do you like the perfectly handsome and dashing Prince Charming or would you rather have a more roguish and playful man like Flynn Rider? It is hard to decide. One thing that I do know is that every girl deserves a Happily Ever After! 
This is a simple and enchanting game to play. Have fun discovering who your happily ever after is with this Disney Prince Valentine activity!
To start, download the Disney Prince Valentine template here. Print it out onto white paper using color ink. 

Disney Prince Valentine Printable

Cut around the edges of the Disney Prince Valentine template to make a square. Discard the scraps. 

Disney Prince Valentine Cut Out

Turn the paper so the backside is facing upward. Fold each of the four corners into the center so that it makes a square.

Disney Prince Valentine Fold Corners

Then, flip the paper over so the side with all of the Disney Prince and hero names are facing upward. Fold the corners in towards the center like you did in the previous step. Make sure to crease the edges. 

Disney Prince Valentine Match

It will be square again when you are finished with this step. 

Disney Prince Valentine Numbers

Now, fold the paper in half so it makes a long rectangle. Make sure you fold it so that the numbers are in the center and the words are on the outside. 

Disney Prince Valentine Half

Next, fold the paper in the opposite direction to make one tiny square. Crease the edges.

Disney Prince Valentine Fortune

This is the only tricky part of the whole process! You need to open the finger slots to make the paper three dimensional. Stick your fingers in the corners under the words that read Your, Disney, Prince and Match. Then, work the paper up into the fortune teller shape. You just need to force it up. Easy to do, hard to explain. Now it is time to use your Disney Prince valentine to find the perfect prince for you!

Disney Prince Valentine Play

Playing the game is simple. These paper fortune tellers have been around for a long time. I bet you made them when you were a kid! Hold the fortune teller with two hands. Place your pointer fingers in two slots and your thumbs in the other two. Grip it so you can make the "mouth" open and close in both directions.
The beginning position has the fortune teller closed so only the four main words "Match, Disney, Your Prince" are showing.
Choose a word from the paper and then open and close the fortune teller, alternating directions, for the number of letters in the word. For example, if you chose the word "Disney" then you would open and close the "mouth" five times - once for each letter in the word. 

Disney Prince Valentine Open

You will finish with numbers showing. Choose a number and then repeat the open and close process (alternating directions) as many times as the number you chose. 
You may end up with the same numbers to chose from again, or it may be open to the second set of numbers! Chose again and repeat the open/close process. 

The third time, instead of choosing a number and moving the mouth, you choose a number and then get to open the paper flap and find your Disney Prince! The name of the prince listed directly under the number you chose is your Disney match! Read about why with the description on the paper. 

Disney Prince Valentine Kristoff

There are eight different leading men in the Disney Prince Valentine game, so you can play a few times if you feel like maybe the fortune teller didn't get it quite right the first time!

Disney Prince Valentine Prince Charming

I hope you have fun and that this Disney Prince valentine helps your dreams come true! 
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