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Guest Blogger: 10 Reasons Why I am Obsessed with Mickey's Halloween Party

By Kimberly Fidler 09/16/2015

Hello, Get Away Today fans! My name is Sarah Westover McKenna, and I blog at Bombshell Bling. I am excited to be here today telling you about one of my favorite things in the whole world: Mickey's Halloween Party! Mickey's Halloween Party is an exclusive ticketed event that takes place on certain nights during Halloween Time at Disneyland. Some of my favorites are available to everyone who goes to Disneyland during Halloween, and some are just for the party-goers.


10 Reasons Why I Am OBSESSED With Mickey's Halloween Party

Fall is my favorite time of year. Perfect weather, perfect clothes, perfect pumpkin-y foods, and perfect holiday: HALLOWEEN! I am a bit of a Halloween geek. I adore Halloween, and I always have. I wore costumes to school in high school on Halloween. True story. Somehow, I still had friends. ;) The Halloween that I love includes smiling pumpkins, glittering decor, cheerful witches, and dancing skeletons. I don't do dark and gory. It is just NOT my thing. This is just one more reason why Halloween at Disneyland makes my heart soar. Smiling. Pumpkin. Mickey Mouse. Heads. *Swoon.* I love cheerful, not-so-scary, kid friendly Halloween activities, and Mickey's Halloween Party is PERFECT for that! Believe it or not, I am not exaggerating when I say that stepping into Disneyland in October makes my heart soar. I can't really describe how much giddy joy it brings me to take my kids to Mickey's Halloween Party, but I am going to attempt to contain my excitement a smidgen as I tell you the top ten reasons why I adore Mickey's Halloween Party.

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-2


Disneyland itself can make a person giddy, but Disneyland draped in PUMPKINS?! Oh yes. YES, YES, YES! In typical Disney fashion, every detail is perfection, from the giant character pumpkins above the gate onward.

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-3

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-2

When it's almost party time, the Cast Members (park employees) appear in new, Halloween colored, uniforms and new decor begins to pop up. My personal favorite additions are the giant, glowing Mickey Mouse ghosts, which are only out at the party after the park closes to the public.

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-9

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-5

2. The Villains & Other Unusual Characters

As the party opens, the villains crawl out of the shadows. Captain Hook, Cinderella's Evil Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters, Doctor Facilier, Jafar, Cruella DeVille, Maleficent, and so many more. It's AWEEEESOMMMMMEEEEE! Other unique characters can be found as well, including my man Jack Skellington (more on that later). We have only been to Mickey's Halloween Party twice, sadly, but the first time we went as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and Mr. Smee. We waited for almost two hours to meet Peter Pan for our obsessed three year old who had been Peter Pan for Halloween two years in a row. Once it was finally our turn, this is how our son reacted . . .

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-6

Why I love Disneyland at Halloween-7

Go figure. Life with kids, am I right?

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-3

3. The Haunted Mansion

EEEEK!!!!! I am a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan, so the sight of the ride The Haunted Mansion transformed into a Nightmare Before Christmas fun filled joyride is pure glee! Inside, outside --- it's all amazing! Plus, you can meet my boyfriend Jack Skellington and his actual girlfriend Sally in the square during the party!

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-2

4. The Ghoooooulish Dapper Dans

The Dapper Dans are the barbershop quartet that sings on Main Street, U.S.A. all year long, but during the Halloween party they are transformed with ghostly makeup and float down the Rivers of America past the New Orleans District of Disneyland singing eerily harmonized songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Be still my beating heart.

5. Eating Pumpkin Beignets in the New Orleans District at Cafe Orleans

Last year when we were attending Mickey's Halloween Party our very young children were melting down around dinner time, and my husband declared that we were going to splurge for a nice, sit down meal. We landed at Cafe Orleans, and it turned out to be a fantastic meal. We paid far too much to have a little glowing Jack Skellington head bobbing in the kids' drinks, and we even got to devour pumpkin beignets for dessert. Best of all, Cafe Orleans is located on the banks of the Rivers of America, so while we ate we got to people watch all the costumed party-goers as we were serenaded by the Ghoulish Dapper Dans. It was a truly perfect moment.

6. The Jack Skellington Caramel Apples & Other Spooooky Food

I love me some themed food --- I am convinced that Halloween Oreos taste better than regular ones! --- and Disney does themes better than anyone. During Halloween Time all sorts of special goodies appear in the shops. My personal favorite? The Jack Skellington Caramel Apples, of course! See my copycat recipe HERE.

Frozen Family Costumes-7

7. Costumes, Costumes Everywhere!

I love costumes. My costume closet overfloweth. Yes, that's right, I am an adult who has a full costume closet. A costume closet stuffed with adult costumes and costumes that I wore growing up. There are also three chests stuffed with kid costumes in this home. My kids live in them 90% of the time when they are at home. They even sleep in them! We are make-believe people.

At Mickey's Halloween Party, everyone is in a costume! (It's not required, it's just FUN!) Adults, kids, families, even characters! Mickey is a Wizard, Minnie is a Witch, Winnie the Pooh is a Honey Bee! Little girls may wander the lanes of Disneyland in princess dresses everyday of the year, but it's not everyday that you see Captain Hook and Peter Pan walking hand in hand . . .

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-8

(85 degree weather, and he wore that coat and wig all day. Let's hear it for awesome dads!)

The first year we attended we dressed as the crew from Peter Pan.

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-6

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-7

The second time we attended as the crew from Frozen. Again . . . let's hear it for awesome dads! What a good sport!

Frozen Family Costumes Elsa Tutu Dress -7

Frozen Family Costumes Elsa Tutu Dress -2

Why I love Mickey's Halloween Party-10

8. Special Nighttime Entertainment

A couple of the special events of the evening that we love are Paint the Night, and the Halloween themed fireworks show, Halloween Screams. Paint the Night is part of the Diamond Celebration and has lights and glitz galore. This year it's taking the place of the Halloween Parade (which we also love), but on the nights of Mickey's Halloween Party, it's only available after the park closes to regular guests and stays open for party ticket holders. Halloween screams is just a fantastic fireworks show, and I love the use of green and purple along with the orange fireworks!

9. Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy

This one breaks my rule about no creepy Halloween stuff a bit, but it sticks with my rule that I love all roller coasters, so I'm gonna just look the other way and pretend the ghost graphics aren't too creepy for my liking. (They are.) Definitely one for the slightly older kids, this is the typical thrilling Space Mountain ride, zooming all over in the dark, but with some rather ghoulish ghost images zooming past as well. Great for a thrill!

10. Trick or Treating Around the Park

Candy galore! For some people, this might be the main allure of Mickey's Halloween Party, but not for me. For me it's just a nice bonus. I can get candy anytime, but I can't be at Disneyland anytime. However . . . if I happen to be waltzing past a treat station without a long line, well, I'll be stuffing my face approximately 35 seconds later.

Well, what do you think? Are you all jazzed up to go to Mickey's Halloween Party now? How could you NOT be?! I am!! I wish we were going this year, or, better yet, that we lived close enough to go EVERY year! If you are interested in heading to Disneyland this fall, then you know who to call: GET AWAY TODAY! Head over to Bombshell Bling for my special promo code good for an extra $10 off your booking! Have a spoooooky fun day!

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