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Make Your Own Belle Caramel Apples
April 6, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

These beautiful Belle caramel apples are just like the ones sold at the Disney parks. Learn how to create them at home with this simple tutorial.

Belle Caramel Apple

The confectioners at the Disney parks must have magic in their kitchens. Their recipe books are full of creative spells that turn ordinary treats into Disney masterpieces, complete with sugary fairy dust. 
One of the most recent creations are Belle caramel apples that resemble the iconic golden dress from Beauty and the Beast. The timeless dress sparkles with yellow sugar crystals and is topped with a frosting enchanted rose. It is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. 

Belle Caramel Apples Dress

Themed caramel apples are a signature Disney treat. If you visit Downtown Disney in Disneyland, you can watch the confectioners dip and decorate festive apples through a large window from outside of Marceline's Confectionery shop. If you're in Disney World, head to Disney's Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs to watch the enchanting process. Either way, you'll want to step in and purchase the artistic treats to enjoy with your family.
You can make your own Belle caramel apples at home with this easy to follow tutorial. They look very fancy, but the process is really quite straightforward. You won't even need magical fairy dust for these Belle caramel apples!
You will need:
4 medium Granny Smith green apples
1/4 cup red frosting
1/4 cup green frosting
I always choose Granny Smith apples for caramel apple projects because they have a bit of sour and tart flavor that really counterbalances the super sweet toppings. Wash your apples and dry them completely. Take the stems off and poke wooden caramel apple stick in the centers. The large, thick sticks are necessary for this project because there is so much weight to the finished treat!

Belle Caramel Apples Granny Smith

Unwrap a package of caramels. Add about one or two tablespoons of water to the bowl. This helps the caramel coat the apples smoothly. The caramel will turn out too thick without a bit of water added to it. 
Cover a baking sheet with wax paper before spraying with cooking spray.
Microwave the caramels for a minute and then stir. Microwave them for an additional minute and stir. They should be nice and melty, but don't let the caramel boil in the microwave. You might want to keep an eye on the caramel while it is being microwaved to make sure it doesn't boil. 

Belle Caramel Apples Unwrap

Dip the apples in the caramel. Coat the apple completely and let the excess caramel drip off of the apple before placing it onto the wax paper. Dip all of the apples. If the caramel gets low, you can scoop it onto the top of the apple and roll it around to let it cover the fruit.

Belle Caramel Apples Dip

Let the caramel set up completely. I put mine in the fridge to speed up the process. 
Stick a large marshmallow onto the sick and slide it down to meet the apple. The stick got a little bit sticky, so I wiped the marshmallow slime off with a clean kitchen rag.
Next, add the mini marshmallows to make the sleeves of the dress for your Belle caramel apples. I had to get creative with getting the mini marshmallows to stay in place. I tried getting them wet, adding corn syrup glue and even securing them with caramel. None of that worked! In the end, I discovered that if you simply break a tooth pick in half and stick the marshmallows on with the stick it works like a dream. You just need to warn your eaters that there are sticks inside.

Belle Caramel Apples Marshmallows

Melt a package of yellow dipping chocolate in a bowl. It only takes about one minute to get the chocolate to melt. Don't overcook the chocolates. They continue to melt when you stir them in the bowl. If you need to add about 20 more seconds, you can. But, make sure to doublecheck by stirring the chocolate melts first. 

Belle Caramel Apples Chocolate

Dip the apples into the chocolate. Cover them completely. Spin the apple as you let the chocolate start to set up. Then, sprinkle it with yellow sugar sprinkles. Place it on the wax paper to dry. 

Belle Caramel Apples Sprinkles

When they are finished, put the rest of the melted chocolate into a frosting bag with a small round tip. Pipe the decorations onto the Belle caramel apple skirts. You can add little candy pearls to the frills for more sparkle! You'll need to work fast because the chocolate sets very quickly. I had to use a couple of bags of chocolate because I was taking too long. So, be prepared to hustle. 

Belle Caramel Apples Skirt

The finishing touch for the Belle caramel apples is to add a frosting enchanted rose. I made two tiny batches of buttercream frosting and colored them red and green. Place the red frosting in a decorating bag with a small star tip. Pipe three sections of red. Start at the bottom of the flower with a nice blob and then work up and out making the frosting thin and finish with a point.

Belle Caramel Apples Rose

Then, place the green frosting in a decorating bag fitted with a small round tip. Draw the stem and two small leaves. It is pretty easy and makes the Belle caramel apples even cuter!

Belle Caramel Apples Frosting

These beautiful Disney Belle caramel apples take a little bit of work, but they are very easy to put together. I hope you have fun creating them in your kitchen. They are perfect for a Beauty and the Beast birthday party or to bring some Disney magic into your home! 

Belle Caramel Apples

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