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Make Your Own Disney Countdown Chain: Video

By Lex Tingey 09/25/2017
If you're heading to Disney, we are sure you are ready to celebrate! Watch our recent YouTube video to find out how to make your own Disney countdown chain. You'll be able to begin the magic days, maybe even weeks, before you go! 

There's nothing more magical than stepping foot inside one of the Disney Parks. To help make the countdown to your next Disney vacation almost as magical, we've created some Disney countdown chains.

All you have to do is download the printables, cut them out and begin putting your chain together. Then, as your vacation gets closer, you'll be able to remove a chain one day at a time. Your entire family will be bursting with excitement by the time you get to the last link! 

To show you just how easy our Disney countdown chains are, we've put together a fun video for you. You can watch it below and let us know what you think in the comments: 

That's it! Isn't making your own Disney countdown chain easy? The best part is that we have so many free printables, perfect for any type of Disney or non-Disney vacation. 

Disney Vacation Countdown Chains:

Disney Vacation Countdown Chain (featured in the video)
Disney Halloween Countdown Chain
Jack Skellington Countdown Chain
Incredibles Countdown Chain
Star Wars Yoda Disneyland Countdown Chain
Olaf Disney Countdown Chain
Mickey Mouse Holiday Countdown Chain
Disney Vacation Countdown Printables: 
Star Wars Disney Vacation Countdown with Free Printables
Mickey Chalkboard Vacation Countdown
Star Wars Disney Vacation Countdown
Finding Dory Disneyland Vacation Countdown Printable
Guardians of the Galaxy Disney Vacation Countdown

Universal Studios Countdown Printables: 

Harry Potter Owl Post Vacation Countdown
Dumbledore Vacation Countdown
Harry Potter Flying Charm Vacation Countdown

All Destination Vacations Countdown Chain:

Packed with Fun Printable Vacation Countdown Chain

No matter where you go, we have a vacation countdown for you! We're constantly creating new ways for your family to celebrate their upcoming vacation, too. Make sure you are following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with all of our new crafts, travel tips and deals. 

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DIY Disney Countdown Chain Pin | Get Away Today

Lex Tingey