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New Disneyland Limited Time Magic: OZ The Great and Powerful

By Lexi Atkin 03/05/2013

Now through March 31 is one Limited Time Magic event at the Disneyland Resort I am extremely excited for. Located in the Muppet Vision 3D Theater within California Adventure Park, you will discover a 4-D extended trailer of OZ The Great and Powerful. The sneak peek contains intense special effects including wind and lightning simulations that will make you believe you are in the movie. Then, Disney California Adventure Park even has specially themed foods available for purchase such as the ‘Yellow Brick Roll’ and the ‘Wizard Blizzard.’

(Image credit to Bryan Pugh at MousePlanet)

From the director of Spiderman and the producer of Alice and Wonderland, comes a movie you will not want to miss. Opening in theaters March 8, 2013 begins the wonderful tale of OZ The Great and Powerful. This whimsical adventure is about magician in a traveling circus who is drawn to the land of OZ. The new world residents think he is an actual wizard with powers and promise him riches if he defeats the wicked witch. His only trouble is he has a difficult time deciphering between which witch is good and which witch is wicked. The witches on the other hand, are not convinced he is the wizard they have all been waiting for. This is an amazing tale of a man on a journey to become a great wizard and ends up becoming a better man as well.

Photo ©Disney

All throughout 2013 Disneyland will be doing Limited Time Magic events like this exclusive immersive sneak peek that will be sure to surprise you on your magical vacation. Stay posted for new and exciting events that will be taking place. If you have questions on the Limited Time Magic events or would like to reserve your Disneyland vacation, book online or call our wonderful travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY.

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Lexi Atkin