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Printable Super Hero Drink Labels
April 13, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

Quickly transform an ordinary sports drink into a super beverage with these free printable super hero drink labels. These labels will help you cool off in style at Summer of Heroes in Disney California Adventure Park! 

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels

Calling all super heroes! Prepare for an epic adventure at the Summer of Heroes event in Disney California Adventure. Starting May 27th, park guests are invited to mingle with members from Guardians of the Galaxy and the amazing Avengers gang. Hollywood Land is going to be a whole lot more SUPER! You'll be able to check out cool events like Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Dance Off at Summer of Heroes in Disney California Adventure. Shake a leg and beat the heat with Groot, Star Lord and Gamora at the craziest dance party in the Galaxy. 
Guests will have the chance to become part of the adventure with heroic encounters like learning how to fight with Black Widow and Hawkeye. Or, you can rub shoulders with Spider Man and Captain America. Just make sure to have your camera ready when you save the world with these super heroes! For more information on the super charged event, check out our article: What is Summer of Heroes at Disneyland? 
With all of this action and adventure, your little heroes in training are going to need a way to cool off and re-energize. We have the perfect solution for you; printable super hero drink labels! Turn an ordinary drink into a super refreshment in a snap with these free printable super hero drink labels. These fun labels will help you cool off in style during Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure. 

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Finish

These printable super hero drink labels were designed to fit 12 oz Gatorade bottles. They come in a variety of flavors and colors. I think the bright colors go perfectly with the super hero theme. They can also fit a standard plastic water bottle if you would rather go that route. 
You will need: 
Download the printable super hero drink labels here. Then print a sheet of the labels onto cardstock paper. Use color ink. Each sheet has six labels on it. The Gatorade is sold in a six pack, so you will need one sheet of labels for each pack of drinks.

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Print

Cut the individual printable super hero drink labels out.

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Cut

Trim the left side edge of the label so that the white edge is removed along the blue skyscraper. Leave the white edge on the right side, by the yellow skyscraper, intact.

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Trim

Remove the original Gatorade packaging from the bottles. They are really easy to take off because the wrapper only has glue in the back where the label connects. 

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Unwrap

You will need a roll of clear packing tape to add the new printable super hero drink labels to the bottles. This is my favorite method of adding customized labels. The tape works similar to lamination and keeps the label from getting wet and ruined. 
Roll out a strip of tape and lay it on the table with the sticky side facing up. Place a drink label onto the tape with the printed side facing down. Press it onto the tape and run your finger across to get any bubbles or wrinkles out.

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Tape

Leave a 1/2 inch of uncovered tape on both ends to help attach it to the bottle. Secure the label in place at the back of the bottle by sticking the tape by the yellow skyscraper onto the bottle. Wrap the label around the bottle and secure the second edge in place with the tape. 

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Wrap

The finished look will display the city image as an almost seamless picture. 

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Back

Repeat the wrapping process until all of the bottles have been wrapped in their printable super hero drink labels. They will look pretty SUPER!

Printable Super Hero Drink Labels Finished

The text on the label reads "Hero Up." This is the Disney hashtag created for Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure Park. I love the concept of choosing to Hero Up. Super heroes don't become a hero solely based on their special powers. It is what they choose to do with their abilities that make them super.
We get to choose to be heroes in our own lives by making good choices. Disneyland is helping park visitors discover ways they can be heroes in their own homes with special exhibits and events this summer. We can all discover ways to Hero Up and become a force of good in the world. 
The best place to Hero Up is at the Disneyland Resort this summer. You'll be able to experience limited time entertainment and attractions during Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure, as well as the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland. Take advantage of great savings like Extra Day Free Disneyland tickets and Extra Night Free hotel specials to make the most of your Disneyland vacation! You can book any of our Disneyland packages online or by giving our Disney experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY. 

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