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Southern California Souvenir Penny Bracelets
February 19, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap


My kids love getting a souvenir on vacation. We spend a lot of time browsing through shops looking for the perfect item to take home. We have collected our fair share of stuffed animals, t-shirts and other knickknacks from our travels. On our last trip to Southern California, we decided to try something different with our souvenir experience.

We loaded up our pockets with pennies and quarters and kept our eyes pealed for penny press machines! I couldn't believe how many we were able to spot as we were out and about. We pressed pennies at Sea World, downtown San Diego, on Mission Beach Blvd, Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland and Downtown Disney. My kids each took turns cranking the machines and picking out what picture to press onto the penny. It was like we were on week long scavenger hunt. We collected a whole stack of pennies and it only cost a few dollars. That is a cheap souvenir!


Once we returned home with our loot, I thought it would be fun to make a bracelet for each of my children with their favorite penny as a charm. This tutorial will show you how to make your own penny souvenir bracelet. They are a hit at my house and I am sure they will be at yours too.

First, you will just need a few supplies. We've put together this list with everything you will need to make your bracelets: 


Pressed Penny
Hemp or Twine
Hole Punch

I referred to a great tutorial on how to tie a standard friendship bracelet knot to provide the base to the bracelets. Watch the short video or read the instructions here to help get familiar with the process. It is so easy once you know how to do it. I made five bracelets in about an hour.


Start by punching a hole in each end of the pressed penny. I placed the penny on top of a piece of scrap wood. Use a hammer to drive the hole punch through the penny. Make sure to punch the holes far enough away from the edge of the penny so you don't break through the side. Set the penny aside for the moment.

Measure your twine and cut to the proper lengths as outlined in the tutorial here on the Alison Show. I tied mine around the stick on my paper towel stand to keep a nice circle at the end of the bracelet. Tie the bracelet following the photos and instructions in the tutorial. Once you are about one third of the way done, stop tying. It is time to add your penny!

Thread the two short center pieces of twine through the hole in the penny. Start in the back and feed them through to the front of the penny. Then, split the center threads apart and feed the threads through the opening in the twine and pull it tight. Then a tie a square knot with all four pieces of twine.

Bring the two short center pieces of twine across the back of the penny and thread them through the second hole from the back to the front. Then, wrap them back around to the back of the penny and tuck them under the twine along the back forming an X. (Pictured Above) Pull it tight and tie another square knot using all four pieces of twine. Continue to finish the bracelet by tying the friendship knot just as you did in the beginning.

Once you have completed the bracelet to your desired length, add a button. Make sure the button is small enough to fit through the loop in the twine, but big enough to hold in place. I threaded the center pieces of twine through the button holes and then tied a square knot on the back with all four pieces of twine to secure it in place.

That is all it takes! Once you get the hang of it, you can make an entire bracelet in about 10 minutes. They make a fantastic souvenir to keep or to give to friends back home. They only cost about a dollar! Cute and cheap is the perfect combination. Have fun crafting!

These souvenir penny bracelets are such a great way to commemorate your vacation, especially being able to wear them to always remind you of your great adventures. We would love to help you get to Southern California to experience all the fun! With our extra night free hotel specials and discount Disneyland tickets, it is the perfect time to catch Frozen Fun at Disney California Adventure and the upcoming Disneyland Diamond Celebration. (And you can bring home the limited edition souvenir pennies from the events for your bracelets!) You can book any of our Disneyland packages online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. 
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