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5 Reasons to Visit San Diego This Fall

posted by Kimberly Fidler
  San Diego is a perfect vacation year round, but fall brings some extra special seasonal reasons to visit. Although there are hundreds of reasons to visit San Diego any time, I put together five reasons to... Full Story
Monday Aug. 31, 2015 Read More
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Get Away Today Saves the Day

posted by Kimberly Fidler
  "Our vacation package through Get Away Today was easy to book and easy to make payments to. Disneyland was awesome for the kids. The only complaint was the lines of people. Universal Studios was much... Full Story
Friday Aug. 28, 2015 Read More
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School is back in session, so of course it's time to check your kids' backpacks for your new Get Away Today magazine. But, the good news is that you don't have to wait for the magazine to start planning... Full Story
Thursday Aug. 27, 2015 Read More
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Cinderella's Butterfly Dress Makeover

posted by Adelle Belnap
  Dressing up like a princess never goes out of style. Neither does Cinderella. But, we thought it would be fun to act like a Fairy Godmother and transform our classic Cinderella play dress into the modern version... Full Story
Tuesday Aug. 25, 2015 Read More
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Discovering Disney World: Epcot

posted by Jordan Ulibarri
  Walt Disney World is full of magic, excitement and new experiences. Epcot is just one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World, but it is one where you'll find new experiences from around the world and... Full Story
Monday Aug. 24, 2015 Read More
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  At Get Away Today we love getting to know our guests and making their vacation dreams come true. Today we'd like to introduce you to Kody, our front office manager and one of our team leads at Get Away... Full Story
Friday Aug. 21, 2015 Read More
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  Disneyland is one of the most magical places on Earth. This year it even sparkles! With the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration in full force, the entire park has been bedazzled. The night sky shines with a... Full Story
Thursday Aug. 20, 2015 Read More
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Chicago: The Ultimate Sports Trip

posted by Kody Beagley
  At Get Away Today we are your travel experts. Recently I had the opportunity to go to Chicago and visit the windy city with a couple of my co-workers. We are all sports enthusiasts and were excited to see the... Full Story
Wednesday Aug. 19, 2015 Read More
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Disneyland Parades: An Inside Look

posted by Chris Dallin
There is something about a parade that brings magic to a great day. Parades are filled with the best of a hometown, or at least the celebration of those that want to make the world a better... Full Story
Tuesday Aug. 18, 2015 Read More
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D23 Expo Update

posted by Chris Dallin
  This past weekend the D23 Expo blew us away with astounding announcements and incredible exhibits and displays. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you hopefully saw our updates. We've compiled... Full Story
Monday Aug. 17, 2015 Read More