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Everyday Disney Magic at Home

By Adelle Belnap 09/10/2014

UPDATED JANUARY 2019 We just returned from a family vacation to Disneyland. My family loved being under the spell of Disney's magic. We were enchanted by beautiful princesses, dazzled by fantastic parades and musical productions, and traveled through all the magnificent lands of Disney's creations. Everything we saw and did was over-the-top and exceeded expectations. Disneyland is not just a theme park, it is a magical experience!

I decided that we could recreate some of that happy-magical feeling at home by doing what Disney does best! Whether you call it a using a spoon full of sugar, or a adding a little bit of pixie dust, you can make everyday moments more fun with a little bit of imagination! Why not live life with a cherry on top?

Homework Fairy

Finishing a homework packet can feel like a mighty big task. Make math facts and spelling words more exciting with a little bit of pixie dust! Sprinkle a light dusting of glitter onto the pages and tell your kids that the Homework Fairy is going to help them get their work done faster.

Finding Nemo

Make cleaning fun with a little game called Finding Nemo. Hide "Nemo" under the bed covers or in a laundry pile--somewhere that needs to be cleaned. Then, ask your kids to clean up and tell them that they need to find Nemo. Whoever cleans the area where Nemo was hiding wins and they get to hide it again. The house gets clean and your kids have fun at the same time!

Bubble Parade

One of our favorite things about Disneyland was bubbles! During the parades bubbles would cover the entire parade route. It was so festive. Every time we walked through Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park, the street vendors would create bubbles for my kids to run through and pop. Make your own bubble parade while walking to school. Think of how much more exciting it would be to walk to class in a flurry of bubbles!

Mickey Treats

Even the food at the Disney Parks is cute and creative! We loved spotting all of the Mickey Mouse treats for sale. There were Mickey shaped caramel apples, cookies, pretzels, candies and more! Why not make some Mickey treats at home to enjoy? You can buy a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter and make your own festive foods. Baking can be even more fun when Mickey is involved!

Mouse Mirror

Sometimes getting kids excited to go to bed is tricky. Make brushing teeth more exciting by transforming your kids into mice! Draw Mickey Mouse ears onto your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. When the kids stand at the sink to brush their teeth, they will look like Mickey or Minnie Mouse. You can also write a cute message from Mickey on the mirror as well. (It wipes right off with window cleaner.)

There are so many ways to make everyday moments more magical! It doesn't have to cost any money or take extra time. All you need is some creativity and a bit of imagination! Here are some other magical ideas for you to try at home:

• Put a red plastic table cloth on the ground leading to the car to make kids feel like a Disney Star when you pick them up from school.

• Teach your kids the song, "Whistle While you Work" from Snow White and then take turns whistling while you clean up dinner. Even if they can't whistle, it is still fun to give it a try!

• Give your child a piece of candy on a spoon as a "spoon full of sugar" to make them feel better if they get hurt. Bonus points if you sing like Mary Poppins.

• Set a timer when your children do their nightly reading and pretend that when the timer goes off then it is "midnight" and they turn into a pumpkin. Your kids have to get a certain amount of pages read before they run out of time, just like Cinderella.

• Play Freeze Clean. One person gets to be Elsa and if she catches you not cleaning then you get frozen. The last person cleaning when everyone else is frozen gets to be Elsa next!

• Send a note in your child's lunch box from his or her favorite Disney Character!

I hope these ideas help bring some everyday magic into your home. As our family learned, nothing inspires magic at home more than a vacation to the Disneyland Resort! When you're ready to book your next Disneyland vacation, we'd love to help. We'll help you find the best hotel for your family at the best price, guarantee the lowest price on tickets and take care of you every step of the way. You can even lock-in your vacation for just $175 down with our easy layaway plans, because we can all use a little more magic in our lives! Book online or call our Disney Experts at 855-GET-AWAY.



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