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The BEST Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals
December 2, 2019
Author: Livia Taylor


UPDATED DECEMBER 2019: Are you bursting at the seams, ready to surprise your family with an amazing vacation? Then you need to check out our BEST ideas for surprise vacation reveals. From scavenger hunts and puzzles to mazes and balloons, we've got an idea for every vacation. Before you start browsing our best vacation surprise ideas, check out our video.

As you can see, when you give the gift of a vacation for the holidays, it's the perfect fit for everyone! Seeing the reactions of your loved ones makes the vacation worth it before you've even left for the airport.

Surprise Vacation Reveal

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la... It tends to also be the season to be stressed, especially as the clock gets closer and closer to Christmas morning. Skip the stress this year by giving the gift of a vacation and letting Get Away Today help with the planning. On top of great prices, we have some amazing ideas for surprise vacation reveals - ideas that don't take much planning and can even save you from hours of wrapping. 

If you're already sitting back with your hot cocoa, it's likely you've had your Christmas vacation gift planned for a bit and are just deciding on the reveal now. Luckily, we've rounded up our best ideas for surprise vacation reveals. Take a look at the different ideas and choose whichever you think works best for your vacation destination and family. 

Balloon Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals

There's something exciting about including balloons in your reveal, whether it's enough to fill a room or just one giant one. You can tailor these ideas to fit any destination, like Disneyland, Hawaii or beyond. We've linked our three favorites below, with templates and instructions included. Just print, blow up the balloon(s) and have your camera ready on Christmas morning. 

Olaf Balloon Surprise

Balloon Pop Vacation Reveal

Surprise Vacation Reveal

Puzzle Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals

Do you have a family that enjoys puzzles and piecing things together? Then it makes sense to have their surprise vacation reveal include a puzzle! You can even make these ideas a little harder with a scavenger hunt to find the pieces. Or, keep it simple and just print, cut and wrap. Either way, your family is going to be hooting and hollering when they realize they're heading on a vacation! 

Mini Umbrella Puzzle Surprise 

Free Disney Vacation Puzzle Surprise Printable

Surprise Vacation Reveal Puzzle

Tasty Surprise Vacation Reveals

Did you ever make candy posters in school to ask someone to a dance, or to wish someone a happy birthday? Or have you customized a treat for someone? We love the idea of using tasty treats to help tell your family you're heading on vacation! See what we came up with:

Volcano Bay Vacation Reveal

Volcano Bay Vacation Reveal Poster

Easy Vacation Surprise Using Fortune Cookies

Disney Kissmas Vacation Surprise

Harry Potter Themed Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals 

These vacation reveal ideas are perfect if you're heading to Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Every witch, wizard, squib and even muggle in your family will enjoy these magical reveals. And we've included a few Harry Potter themed countdown ideas that you could assemble for the reveal as well. 

Hogwarts Letter and Train Ticket Vacation Reveal

Marauder's Map Vacation Surprise

Fantastic Beasts Vacation Reveal

Harry Potter Owl Post Vacation Countdown 

Flying Charm Vacation Countdown

Dumbledore Vacation Countdown

Surprise Vacation Reveal Dumbledore

LEGO Themed Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals

Do you have master LEGO builders in your family that you're surprising with a trip to LEGOLAND? Check out our vacation surprise printable and a few countdown ideas to help you plan your surprise reveal below. 

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Vacation Surprise

LEGOLAND Vacation Surprise Printable

Countdown to LEGOLAND Printable

LEGOLAND Countdown Calendar Printable

Surprise Vacation Reveal Legoland

Disney Themed Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals 

Disneyland, Disney World and Disney Cruises have become some of the most popular destinations for families. With all the Disney magic you can experience at each destination, it's not surprising. Which is why we have quite a few ideas to help you surprise your family of Jedis, princesses, princes and little mice. 

Buried Treasure Disney Vacation Reveal

Rapunzel Hair Maze Vacation Surprise

Disney Railroad Ticket Vacation Surprise

Star Wars Death Star Vacation Surprise

Beauty and the Beast Printable Disney Vacation Surprise Reveal

Mickey Mirror Disneyland Vacation Surprise

Free Tangled Printable Disneyland Vacation Reveal

Star Wars Disneyland Vacation Surprise Scratch Off Printable

Surprise Vacation Reveal Rupunzel

Countdown Chain Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals 

You can never go wrong with using a countdown chain for your surprise vacation reveal, either! Whether you make it beforehand or let them put it together, it's the reveal and countdown all-in-one. These ideas are best if you're traveling a little further out and work great if you're gifting a future vacation. 

Olaf Disney Countdown Chain

Mickey Mouse Holiday Countdown Chain

Mickey and Minnie Countdown Chain

Jack Skellington Countdown Chain

Star Wars Yoda Countdown Chain

Free Printable Star Wars Countdown Calendar

Packed with Fun Countdown Chain

Surprise Vacation Reveal Countdown Chain

Cruise Vacation Reveal Ideas

Have you ever considered giving the gift of a cruise to your family? It's a wonderful way to have multiple vacation experiences all in one trip! Whether you choose a Disney cruise, or a cruise with any of our other partners (including Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean), you're sure to find the perfect cruise itinerary. See some of our favorite cruise vacation reveals below.

DIY Confetti Pop Cruise Vacation Surprise

DIY Confetti Popper Finished

Donut Cruise Vacation Surprise

Christmas Cruise Vacation Printable

We hope our ideas for surprise vacation reveals have helped ease any last-minute stress of the holidays. If they have you even more excited to share the vacation secret, we know you can hold out for just a little longer! Christmas morning is only a few days away and these reveals are more than worth the wait. Just make sure to have your camera ready! 

If you've just realized how great giving the gift of a vacation is, don't worry, there's still time to plan. Visit our gift giving guide here and then book online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. We can't wait to help you plan your best gift ever. 

Check out more vacation countdown and reveal ideas: 

The BEST Ideas for Surprise Vacation Reveals || Get Away Today

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