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Vacation Surprise Necklaces

By Adelle Belnap 04/19/2016
At Get Away Today, we are your Disneyland experts! We give you all the best tips on how to have the best vacation possible with everything from the Disney Princesses to Star Wars, and everything in between. If you're planning a trip to Disneyland, you'll want to make sure you have the hottest accessories. Today's Princess and Star Wars Travel Necklaces are seriously so much fun! They are easy to make and can be used for so many different Disney Vacation purposes. Use them to surprise your kids with a Disneyland Vacation! Lei one around each of your children's necks when you announce your travel destination, then let your kiddos eat their treats during your road trip to Disney. Or, bring the festive necklaces along on your adventure in the Parks. Snack on your necklace goodies throughout the day at Disneyland. You can fill them with candy or snacks, or do a prize version with toys and supplies that the young ones will need for your Disneyland vacation. No matter how you decide to use them, these fun (and tasty!) necklaces are guaranteed to be a hit. Plus, they are a really cute addition to your Disney vacation pictures.

Vacation Necklace

You will need:
Cellophane Wrapping Paper
Curling Ribbon
Vacation Related Toys and Treats
Princess or Star Wars Paper Decals
Download here:
Princess Necklace Decals
Star Wars Necklace Decals
To start, roll the cellophane paper out and cut it into long 7 inch strips. You will need two strips per necklace.  

Scissors and Cellophane

You can fill the necklace with mini sized candy or little toys and souvenirs...or both!

Vacation Souviners For Necklaces

Lay the candy/toys out onto the cellophane in about the middle of the sheet. Leave a 1-inch gap between each item on the paper.

Lay Out Candy for Vacation Necklaces

Fold one edge of the cellophane over the treats and then roll the entire thing over so that the items are trapped inside.  

Fold vacation necklace

Use a piece of curling ribbon to tie in between each item in your roll. Leave the ends UNTIED for now.

Tie vacation necklaces

Repeat this process so that you have two long pieces of necklace links. Slide the unfinished ends of the two necklace sides together. Slip one of them inside the other. Then, tie it together with a nice knot. Do this so both sides are complete and you have one big necklace. 

Up close section of vacation necklace

I left one "section" empty in the back so that it laid comfortably on my kids' necks.  

Empty section of vacation necklace

Then, it's time to make it pretty! Use your curling ribbon to add decoration to each link. I used about 6-8 pieces of ribbon in each section. Each piece of ribbon was about 15 inches long.

Curling Ribbon

Slide the scissors along the ribbon to make it curl.  

Curl ribbon on vacation necklace

Print the Star Wars or Princess decorations onto cardstock. Cut around the edges of each circle. 

Princesses for vacation necklace

Then, tape them onto the necklace. Spread them around so they are distributed evenly.

Star Wars for vacation necklaces


Finished vacation necklaces

And, that's a wrap! Each necklace took me about 20 minutes to complete. So, plan in advance if you are making a bunch of them. I hope they make your Disney Vacation surprise sweet and that it makes your travelers happy and excited about your family's trip!

Kids wearing vacation necklaces

When you're ready to book your Disneyland vacation, let us help! You can check out our Disneyland packages online, or call and chat with any of our Disney Experts at 855-GET-AWAY.

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Vacation Necklaces

Adelle Belnap