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Walt Disney World Resort
What is the Best Way to Maximize Your Experience When Visiting Disney World for One Day?
December 24, 2023

Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is one of the world's most sought-after family vacation destinations. People save up for years to take a trip there and travel from every part of the globe to experience the magic. Some tourists have only one day to make the most of their Disney trip. If you're visiting Walt Disney World for one day and want to get the most out of your journey, keep reading for all the tips.

Arrive Early, Stay Late, Prioritize Must-Do Activities, and Leverage Services

Arrive Early, Stay Late
  • Be at park gates at least 30 minutes before official opening
  • Plan to stay until closing fireworks show
  • Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours if staying at a Disney resort hotel
  • You'll get more time in the park and avoid peak crowds midday
Prioritize Must-Do Activities
  • Focus your morning on 1-2 of the newest or most popular rides using FastPass
  • Allot afternoon for classic attractions with shorter waits
  • See live shows like Frozen musical and Festival of The Lion King
  • Catch the evening fireworks, parades, castle projection shows
Leverage Services
  • Mobile order food ahead of time to skip lines
  • Download the Disney app to check wait times and FastPass availability
  • Consider Disney Genie+ add-on for shorter waits on headliners
  • Bring battery packs to avoid recharging break
  • Use Disney transportation to avoid parking hassles

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Start With a Hearty Breakfast Outside The Park

If you want to truly maximize your Disney World experience, start with a hearty breakfast outside the park. I can't stress this enough. Not only does it ensure you have the energy reserves for a full day of fun and walking, but it also means you won’t have to spend precious time queuing for food inside the park. And hey, it's a sneaky way to save some bucks too.

Remember, food inside Disney World can be on the pricier side. So, indulge in a power-packed breakfast, maybe even throw in some protein bars in your backpack, and you’re all set. Dive straight into the fun and magic, without those pesky hunger pangs!


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Buy Your Tickets Online and Download the App

The best way to maximize your time at Disney World is to buy your tickets online. This lets you skip the line outside the park and walk right in. Well, yes, you have to wait in another line to get into the park even with tickets, but it cuts down on the number of lines you're waiting in. Download the My Disney Experience App because it's a great way to check wait times and plan out your destinations.


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What is the best way to maximize the experience when visiting Disney World for one day? || Get Away Today

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